Sigil charging (through orgasm) question

At the point of orgasm, do you just look at the sigil your trying to charge and intend for the orgasmic energy to charge it?

I did that with mental imeragy of energy going into the sigil (with the intent to charge in my mind) and imagined the color of the energy to be the same as that of the sacral chakra. Is that enough?

The variety of ways to charge a sigil have to do with the mental state requiered for it to work

I understand that, I wouldn’t say an orgasm is really done in a “normal” state of mind though.

If you are working it like chaos magick sigils, that is the most important factor, to consciously put your energy on it, not so much, as the energy should be directed by gazing at the sigil during the specific mental state. In such case, it is better to just direct the energy to what you want

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I did both of those. I did look at the sigil, And tried to consciously push my energy to it.

Also Sigils tend to naturally flash for me (visually) when just looking at them in a regular manner.

By putting your energy on it, you create a charged object, which would be more useful if you carry it with you. Sometimes such things are appealing to the entities that may feel sympathy for you, and your request might be fullfiled because they think you are cute, such thing happened often in my former coven when we didn’t know how sigils worked

It isn’t for help or a request. So I wouldn’t be “helped” cause I’m “cute”.

Sometimes I think that such thing happens more often than what one may think, but so far chaos magick texts place their faith in psychology, so do those who teach how to use tarot cards as sigils

Oh nice, you can charge a tarot card??? That’s gonna come in handy.

So what a entity/spirit thinks your cute, then decides to help you out cause your inexperienced? Even if you didn’t ask for help?

We already worked with demons, and we wanted to do the sigils thing by ourselves, but the demons, such as Astaroth and Azazel, saw us being so clumsy with the whole thing, that they treated our sigils like letters and fullfiled our wishes until we realized what was happening

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Oh I see.

A couple years ago when I was not as experienced as I am now I tried this and while i’m not 100% sure I think doing this caused negativity. With that being said ensure you read up on this as much as possible and perfect your technique etc. to get the results you desire.

Damn this thread gots me doubting myself hella now, I’ve never had any I structions on how to charge the sigils besides just put energy into it and tend to do like really odd things at times like while going over the Hebrew names written on the talisman I pictured my eyes chisseling out the lines leaving it written as holes that I filled with water in my mind. I’ma have to use that search bar for this topic and probably stop being as creative one time I just kept picturing different types of food and placing it on the sigils for Lilith but when doing that when I pictured doing Lobster a hand came out and grabbed it and pulled it in as fast as I could think about forming another one.

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interesting…if the way you charge your sigils work for you, no matter how creative, why change? :woman_shrugging:t5: If you’re connecting with the spirits in this way, your way…your creative way, then unless you want to try something else, do what makes you feel comfortable.