Sigil Charging Methods?

Hey everyone I was just curious what methods you guys use to charge your sigils. For me, I just gaze at it until I see it flash or glow or disappear. I know some people use sex magick and others use fire to burn it and release it’s power. What do you use and do you have any recommendations?

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On the odd occasion I do use one, I normally carve the sigil in to a wooden disk, then fill the grooves made from carving the sigil with blood, then set it on fire. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of making circuitboards in to sigils, and using electricity to charge them, but that sounds tedious and very often I am the lazy. I prefer ash and hawthorn for wooden sigils.


I charge my sigils with either blood, sexual energy, giving it an external source once, or meditating on it.


The first time I tried, I blew on it, and used sexual energy then started listening to the spirit’s Enn for better contact. That more helped with getting a vision, however. It usually will work for whatever, just at the time I was impatient and only was able to get a vision. I’ve learned a few things since then, I use an energy building ritual I learned from a book called Magickal Riches, it’s a technique that sends energy into the sigil. I use that before gazing into it. Which works best for me. There are a number of ways, I think a combination always works better for more energy during rituals. More energy is always good and will get quicker results, techniques like the Vase Breath, The Pillar and The spheres, done right before the energy building technique I mentioned would be even better. They all prepare your mind too, helps you focus better on the ritual but if you don’t want to. Sexual and gazing combination will work alright. It all depends on you, how much energy you’re putting into your work and your will.


with his own blood and sexual energy it works well, but it’s complicated to stay focused and to get excited in front of a sigil it becomes boring and long. I prefer the drawing with an ink with ingredients to summon the dead and other demonic entity that I mix with animal blood as an offering and I burn it and at that very moment I have more ease to visualize and stay focused to open the sigil and in general I still have the same vision that comes to me I see the sigil ignited in which two intertwined snakes on fire come out of the sigil and swirl.


Yeah when I do my gazing method, I generally don’t just do it once but a bit each day. That way I assume it accumulates power over time.

I charge them on my radionic machine.