Sigil Burning

So I have some choas sigils that I burn after I energize them and then forget what they were made for (a week later). So is there any difference between charging a Goetia Dietys sigil multiple times (blood, organism, yoga, etc…) Do I destroy that after words or can that be used multiple times, as appossed to a Choas Sigil?

Thank you much for your responses! Truly even the time to read my question I greatly appreciate!


Demon sigils are usually burned and disposed of after the task you assigned is completed. If you are in a relationship with a particular demon, their sigil can be made more permanent by engraving it on something. If you watch EA’s video on evocation he has the sigils of the Gatekeepers engraved on stones.


Hmm I have burned sigils only if I feel I don’t need or I have to make a new one. I go quite a lot nowadays with intuition how I feel about it.

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So do you just make them and charge them and never dispose of them till the task is complete?

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I have a relationship with a diety and have charged the sigil multiple times for a task and I believe it’s being worked on, just not sure if I then burn it or keep charging it to increase the power of My intention

Repeatedly opening the sigil does not increase the power of your intention. It just annoys the spirit that you have given the task to. Once a spirit’s sigil is open, leave it alone until the spirit has done its work. A spirit sigil is not like a Spare style Chaos sigil, which works with your own subconscious. It does not need to be opened repeatedly. (Notice I said opened, not charged).

Do not burn the sigil until the spirit has done its work. The sigil is your connection to the spirit. Burning it before the task is complete will sever your connection and the spirit’s power will cease to move in your life.

I make the sigil on paper and open it to call forth the spirit. Once i have dismissed the spirit to do its work, I either keep the sigil on me, if the task is to bring me something, or I leave it in my journal to do its work.

Now, there are some types of “sigils” like the veve in Voudon, that have to be fed every so often to keep the spirit happy, but demonic sigils, like those in the Goetia do not require that.


Not sure what you mean by opening, and yes I was just gonna charge it ever so often (A Week) and not destroy that sigil. I have a connection with this spirit already but just wanted to have that sigil on hand to charge it if it didn’t annoy the spirit. Thank you so much, I just didn’t want to annoy him

When I say open, I mean when the sigil starts to flash, with its lines fading in and out and becoming 3D. The way it is described here:

Thank you! Yes I just have the presence known, never had the flash but never did it that way before, I forgot about a lot of that stuff.

How often do you charge a sigil for a task to a spirit? Or you do one and done.

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Once and done. There’s no need to repeatedly call the spirit. You assign the task, and give the spirit a reasonable time frame to complete it. Depending on what the task is, usually two to three weeks is enough time. Then, if you don’t see any movement toward the goal, you can call the spirit a second time and ask for a status report. Otherwise, just leave it to do its work.


Yes I may need to do a status call to see what’s up, I know it will take time but still didn’t want to be an impatient thorn in the entity’s side. I appricate all your input truly, very helpful!

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So if it does not flash but u feel them there what that mean

i read somewhere about goetia demons that had said you should never burn a sigil. i feel very guilty because i had burnt the sigil of king belial. is it true? what would you do if you are done with a sigil?

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Why would you feel guilty?

I’ve read that kind of stuff about not burning seals, or drawing circles around them, in some of S. Connolly’s books, but she is religious, and treats the demons the same way a Christian treats Jesus. I find it quite silly.

In my opinion, the belief about not burning seals comes from the traditional grimoires, a system of magick in which you threaten to torture the spirits with fire in the name of God if they are unruly and do not obey you. It is the intent behind what you are doing that matters, not the simple action of burning a seal.

All you are doing when you burn a seal, is closing the connection. That’s it.

In EA’s books, he recommends burning the seal once the task is completed. I have done it that way for many years and no spirits have ever had an issue with it. If you read this forum, you will see some posts where the spirit itself suggests burning its seal as a way to finalise a spell. It certainly wouldn’t suggest that if it caused it harm.


ok thank you i get it now🙏