Sigil and simple Magick help needed

I need to make/ materialize a certain amount of money by the end of next week. a very reasonable amount. around $100. I have already made a sigil, lit a candle and charged the sigil by meditating on it, then folded it and put it in my wallet.
is there anything else I could do as a backup? should I call on Claunek or anything of that nature too?


Just a few thoughts:

  1. Did you make a deposit for that date in a magickal checkbook?

  2. How did you charge it? What did you visualize while charging it? For chaos sigils that you carry it can be a bit different than ones you release. If I was carrying a sigil for cash I would visualize my energy pouring into it in the way electricity charges iron to magnetize it, then I would see the sigil as exactly that; a magnet with energetic tendrils drawing money to me.

  3. Have you tried a money candle burned and devoted to Lord Clauneck or another entity capable of granting financial boon? You can do this simply by taking a charged sigil for him, lighting a candle carved with the same image, and chanting a petition much in the same way you would chant an enn, for example: “Lord Clauneck, bestow abundance upon me” while trancing out in the candle’s flame. When you have successfully felt a presence, offer thanks and some coins. Sending the coins to a place where either someone else is bound to find them or at least to a place you cannot recover them has helped me in the past. I like to release the sigil afterwards by burning it with the candle I used.

  4. Have you tried a simple money candle spell coupled with a honey jar? There are a myriad of resources on their construction. My stack isSigil of Jupiter as a base, honey jar over it, personalized money sigil on the lid of the jar, green anointed money candle inscribed with statement of intent on top.

  5. Keep up on your prosperity magick before the need arises in the future.

Hope this helps.


Made a sigil out of the letters of the written goal wanted. in black marker. lit a green candle and charged by simply looking at it for about 10 to 15 mn. I called on Clauneck while charging it but did not have Clauneck sigil or anything else except the sigil and the candle. Bear in mind, I am new at this.

I would charge your sigil of intent in more of a trance state than a meditative one, making sure to see yourself pouring energy/your will into the sigil. There is a difference. Also, visualizing the outcome you desire while charging it in such a fashion helps. The candle helps more to induce that state than anything, IMO. If you are having a tough time, try this set up: Sit in an upright position to charge a sigil. Place your sigil upright so you are facing it looking slightly downward-angled. Place your lit candle in between you and the sigil, positioning it so the flame is dancing just below the sigil in your line of sight. Then stare through the sigil at a point a foot behind it and go into your meditative, relaxed state, and visualize your outcome and beyond, pouring it into the sigil. The dancing flame in the bottom of your vision may act in similar fashion as the proverbial hypnotist’s pendulum, so it might aid you getting into a deeper trance and make your sigil more powerful.

Is who you need.

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this helps, will redo the whole thing soon. I also looked up Bune, may try evoking him sometimes as well.

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