Sigil activation

I’ve been looking into sigils quite a lot, and even desinged a few. My problem is that I’ve found so many different directions as to how one should activate it, so is there any so called standardised way to activate them and to know your aigil had been activated? And how about recharging them, or deactivating?

Typically through orgasms.

Weird shit but yeah.


Can’t say I’m not intrigued

Commonly, Spare-style sigils, are fired off when the mind is in a state of “vacuity,” or lack of thought. This is experienced naturally through a good orgasm so the wank-and-fire technique is a very popular way of using sigils.

However, this vacuity of mind can be accomplished in any number of ways, and any good book on Chaos Magick, such as Peter Carrol’s Liber Null & Psychonaut, will list various ways you can accomplish the task.

Traditionally, the sigil is destroyed and forgotten once fired off so the conscious mind cannot interfere in the work of the subconscious which actualizes the sigil.


Focal point . It can be achieved when you master yoga techniques

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Orgasm is the easiest way.

I charge crystals in the sun, then make a crystal grid with the sigil at its center.