Sidereal astrology more accurate?

Anyone reading, what is your opinion on this? In tropical astrology “what almost everyone in the west uses” i am an Aquarius with a Sagittarius moon, but in sidereal astrology i am a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon. I honestly relate more to my sidereal placements more than my tropical ones. But i also love Aquarius, hence my username, lol.

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What are you referring to, hypnogogic hallucinations?

Im referring to astrology…

Sorry if i don’t get the joke tho, my bad.

It wasn’t a joke. I meant to post this in your other thread about seeing the pentagram when you close your eyes.

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Oh okay, no problem. No it wasn’t an hallucination. I normally see them after chanting an enn of something demonic, or satan. Its pretty cool honestly. We can talk about it on the actual thread.

Yes, siderial astrology is more accurate, as is the 13 signs system.

The old system calculated star locations from 2 millenia ago. Siderial astrology keeps the star locations up-to-date as stars process through the equinox, adding more accuracy to the reading.

The 13 sign system also adds in Ophiuchus as a constellation on the elliptic, bringing astrology closer to astronomy. At one time they were the same, but science has changed perceptions since then.

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There is also the 14-sign astrological zodiac with Cetus as well.