Has anyone one here developed to a point where they can perform things like teleport, telekinesis or shape shift on demand?

i thinked you can whit l arlinski method

@raziel_harvester Have you done it? That’s the question.

i have done some amazing things but lcant share here and everything haas a price in my case it was atronomical price i was been who i didnt wanna be i was doing thing which i didnt do i forgived when i should terroze and destroy that how it is

arlinski method? Couldn’t find anything on it closest I could find on google was Alinsky method which is a social science method to manipulation of people.

The only supernatural thing that occurs with me is the “ectoplasm” if thats what it is, leaving my body and filling up the room with a white substance.

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Sooooo. Spirit cum​:joy::joy::joy::joy: