Siconyte speaks

Sounds exciting but also distressing. A challenge that will lead to triumph and and a great feeling of achievement whence you have solved it. I support you; You obviously have been chosen for something. Carry that torch high my sibling!

I honestly NEVER ask an entity about it’s working with another practitioner. Hell, I hardly concern myself with others works too much other than to glean some insight on their approach and methodology. I certainly don’t compare skill sets because we all are at different levels and paths.

I picked up on “drunkenness” and “loss of equilibrium.” I feel that as well the more I invoke. I’ve lived in a shell a lot of my early life up to almost 40 years old. I’ve lived in a self made prison and stagnated those years in depression and worse. I may have built up such an inadvertent shield it’s hard to break away the calcified rock/lead shield to let anything in. Yet I’ve tried and make some headway. Like scrubbing a hard caked cast iron pan that sat for a while; you have to apply more preasure and scrub more and in various directions until to remove all that debris.

It might be that very reason I have a hard time sensing and communicating with spirits as others. I have to rely on rather odd talents (like my annoying sneezing).

Lost my train of thought… oh! YeH, when I’m hot and obsessed I just push it. So long as I’m not harming anyone. Only if I hit an absolute wall would I stand back cool off and rethink with diversions before tackling that level of intensity again. Like working out on different muscle groups.


Shielding is a HUGE prerequisite for even doing anything magic OR astral-based. @anon72564005, you need to know these things I’m saying, so don’t feel it’s an attack or that I’m being an asshole. Call it an ethical and moral duty I’d tell anyone in same situation.

  1. One does not get “advanced” because you didn’t take proper steps to learn how to shield. One gets loaded with parasites and malicious entities. You can LBR all you want, but you won’t eliminate a parasite wound around your spine or in your brain. You wouldn’t believe how many rhp and lhp ppl I’ve removed parasites from that did regular smudges or banishing rituals.

  2. Shielding doesn’t automatically get diminished just because you stopped being mundane. If you could shield then, you should be able to shield now, perhaps even better. Doing daily shielding is almost law. Doing daily meditation is almost law. I don’t understand that line of thinking. Shielding is a built skill that only grows stronger in time if you have it. Path doesn’t determine that. If you’re doing heavier work you MUST take steps to learn advanced shielding beforehand to prevent infestation. FACT.

Honestly, I think you need to evaluate if your “advanced” title is coming from all these unshielded activities that aren’t the workings of beneficial entities. I note that you mentioned a 30 and 45 day fast from magic but I see you evoking 9 God’s etc. You speak about being on the edge and needing a break from it but not doing it. You’re not shielding, you’re not purging, you’re not doing necessary work to retain your sanity or purity of Evocation (ensuring you’re not engaging pretenders), or your basic safety. You need to learn grounding for empathy if you have trouble in crowds with high tension and there are hundreds of things on Google about it.

I implore you to do these things. You’re only hurting yourself and possibly others…and your potential to become an advanced Magi.


He’s correct on shielding. But also learn the Art of Filtering as well as purifying and sublimating energy. As you learn to shield its like setting up a Firewall allowing certain things to come and go.

Every once in awhile I will Shut Down all traffic and interestingly people who I expected from certain known locations will show up at my location as strange as that sounds…simply to try and psychically connect. Just happened twice Fri and Sat night =) by now I know almost all the faces in the “communities” because of this.


Shields can be constructed and programmed to filter. You can be very specific, much like the email filtering settings on Outlook.


I agree, you either shield, or you start fucking round with the Divine Paradox and risk losing your mind, but I think the former is most useful and likely to be effective in 99.999% of people’s situations, especially as magicians.

I did a walk-through on shielding using simple wards here, you can extrapolate from that to creating visual walls or whatever:


I love how you mentioned the parasites. I fully agree that smudging and banishing rituals won’t do Jack shit if it’s already gotten inside of your brain.

My current sanity notwithstanding, I’m doing my own measures in order to ensure that I don’t totally lose what’s left of my mind. I’ve already checked, there are no parasites or lower entities that are hooked in. I made sure of that. The only thing that is currently drawing off of my life force is a being that I welcome to do so.

My current magickal undertakings no consequence, whenever I did the recent gatekeeper calling, I did that as a experimental procedure, to see if they could offer Insight, instead, well, you watched the video, you saw what happened.

As far as shielding goes, it’s pretty interesting that I haven’t figured that out fully yet. Every single mundane in the world is able to go throughout their entire life without any issue, but if I get around a crowd of over a hundred people, I get sick to my stomach and I feel like my head’s going to explode. I’m going to work on the detuning idea that Lady Eva gave me.

I remember some old tricks that I used to use back whenever I was part of the love and light crowd, maybe I’ll see if they’re actually effective.

I have a way of cutting absolutely everything loose if something goes down completely askew. You always have to have a backup plan, and then after The Back-up Plan fails, you need to have a contingency. I haven’t even gotten to my backup plan yet.

Thank you everybody for the suggestions in the comments, I’ll keep you guys posted.

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Yes, I would.

That’s probably the smartest thing I think I ever seen you type.

There are levels of insanity that I’m willing to accept. A good, solid chunk of everything we do involves a small degree of insanity, you just have to pick where you draw your Line in the Sand.

My biggest problem is I haven’t been using my full spiritual toolbox. I learned mirror shielding, as well as glass filtering a while back, I just keep forgetting to actually put it in practice.

These things get interesting really quick, don’t they?

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You know what? Forget you and your passive aggressive bs remarks.


I dunno, Joe (and Jane) Normie is neurotic as fuck, carrying one or more behavioural or chemical addictions, and hitting up the doctor’s, the liquor store or the local dealer to numb the pain.

Meanwhile each new intake of kids are on more and more psych meds from kindergarten as well, and crime, violence, petty aggression to powerless people (retail staff, customer service, and transportation workers for example) flourish, and inability to rationally discuss differences of agreement flourish.

Normieville is no paradise of blithely ignorant fools, they’re hurting out there. :thinking:


I’m probably just hardcore jaded from my experiences when dealing with the mundanes and the normies. I can gladly admit to that.

My personal attitude regarding Humanity as a whole shall be omitted.

My mental state notwithstanding, I have some good ideas about what I’m going to do in the very near upcoming future.

As far as the shielding from the normies, I may have to look back into my old mirror Shields, they worked fairly well.

My biggest problem, as I stated before, is not using all of the weapons in my Arsenal, not utilizing every tool at my disposal.

Over my time in the occult, and magick in general, I’ve had the benefit of learning hundreds of awesome techniques, everything from baneful magick, to Healing practices, divination, and yes, shielding. I think it’s pretty obvious which area I didn’t pay much attention to, but the knowledge is there, I just need to actually utilize the techniques that I have actually learned.

As my madness slowly begins to subside, and I’m able to hold myself in one Realm nearly the entire day, I begin to notice certain things.

  1. I’m starting to see auras again, it’s been years, but I really needed to retrain myself on that one. They’re still faint right now, but the more I work on it, the easier it will become.

  2. I find that I am remembering everything that’s in my spiritual toolbox, from Psychic vampirism, over to shielding techniques that I seem to have forgotten.

  3. I’ve also noticed that it’s easier to see the veil between me and the spiritual plane light easier. It’s hard to concentrate on things when you’re mind is basically being reduced to mush.

  4. I’m also having a much easier time deciphering the vast amounts of information that’s been placed within my mind, not to mention the fact that the headaches are starting to fade, and I feel, much better, a lot happier.

I only have one or two things coming up that require me to dive back into the spiritual, but I’m keeping myself as tune out as much as possible. I feel confident that this is really going to help, a lot. Just what the doctor ordered.

If I have to do anything else, I’ll make sure that it’s something that won’t require a lot of excess energy, like tarot, or simple energy readings. I seem to be pretty good at those.


I can actually better feel what the entities have been doing to me. I’m bolder, I feel stronger, in my willpower starting to return. I’m not mad about the petty things, but if somebody approaches me an adversarial manner, instead of trying to be the nice guy, I’ve started lashing out at these people, showing them why you don’t mess with somebody that you don’t know.

It’s not me trying to say I’m a tough guy, but it feels good to know that I’m able to be that tough guy again if I need to be, and for the past seven or eight months, notwithstanding recent occurrences with my ex-wife, I felt powerless, cowed into a corner, but now my bold nature is finally taking over again. It feels good, it feels good to return to being bold enough to tell people in no uncertain terms that I’m not interested, and to back the fuck off.

I think I’m going to like this.

Hold the fucking phone! So, apparently Cthulhu is real. I’m not sure if I’m dealing with extremely Advanced chaos magic, or if HP Lovecraft actually did Channel something in his books and then hit it as a pretty fun story, but I was listening to that chanting, and that shit nearly threw me for a loop.

I have so much to look forward to whenever I finish my current works.

I’m putting this in my journal, number one, because I haven’t been able to go out and buy one yet, and number two, after everything goes through, this is something I’m going to have to look into.


So not only is the lovecraftian path a real thing, but Cthulhu chant is now stuck in my head. I didn’t even realize I had memorized it it. It’s just there… Out of nowhere. I can’t even look at the words without having the chant go through my head.

I have so much to look forward to. Now, I have to consider whether or not Cthulhu would play a part in the upcoming ritual.

Chaos magick at its finest.

Are you looking at a particular book or website for the lovecraftian beings?

I heard an episode of deeper down the rabbit hole where they discussed this working within the Lovecraftian mythos. Here is a link if you’re interested in listening to it. I have never experimented with it myself but may some time in the future.


Yep, we’re all going to die.


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  • That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons, even death may die.

  • When the stars are right.

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