Sick elephant! Please help

Is there any spell or language so that I can understand animals because I want to understand elephant. One of my elephant is not sleeping correctly and is very weak. Doctor was also not able to diagnose him. Please, help me.

Please reply me as soon as possible, he is very critical now.

Please reply as soon as possible

Have you tried using the search function? There are many threads on animal communication.

I want the most effective method

I cannot still call spirits

Dude, read the threads. There is no “most effective method.”

I posted a spell form Christopher Penczak that a beginner can do and that requires no spirit summoning.


Angels be ok but slowly, since u say elephant have you try catholic saints its a few who can do tat favor, its a black saint. Whit animals on his feet, good picture, or try a healer from u country, or check mantras here.

I’ll try

I can’t help with communication, but try asking for Archangel Raphael’s help.
This is his sigil

Draw it on a piece of paper - it doesn’t have to be perfect. Try to be in a quiet area with no disruptions and clear your mind of thoughts as much as you can. Then spend some time gazing at the sigil. While you are gazing, call out his name repeatedly.
Either try to visualise a lightning bolt that strikes from the heavens down to you, every time you call out Raphael’s name OR try to imagine a beam of energy coming out of your heart and going into the sigil.

After you have spent some time doing this, even if you don’t feel a presence, just imagine Archangel Raphael is there and ask him to heal your elephant. Tell him that he is very unwell and cannot be diagnosed. Thank him and offer him a glass of water.
Dispose of the water after 24 hours, don’t drink it.

I hope your elephant gets well soon.

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Thank u

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I’ll update my elephant condition

Here’s a thread (not specific to elephants) but about beings that can help with healing sick animals. Also I would second what @Andina says - Raphael is a great healer.


They’ll hear you if you call. Call on Ariel, she is fantastic with animals.

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Cool ty, and thanx as a member of the forum for your guidence I’m jelly of your devotee badge



Look you’re wasting time trying to learn entire systems if the poor beast’s sick, try this:


PS I also edited your title because that way animal lovers may be able to help, themselves, to send healing and stuff. Good luck.

I am sorry @Deavon_swedet, it sounds like your bull is about to pass to the other side or is stressed about something.

Personally, there is really nothing you can do besides make him as comfortable as possible for the time being. And really, sometimes animals may not want to communicate with you.

Have a better week.