Great SHUB-NIGGURATH, mother of mansters is the original and lesser-known form of Lilith.
, jews were afraid of her and were afraid that her name would be in their Bible, named her “״לילית, did not even make this name themselves, but stole it from the Sumerian “Lilitu”.
The goddess gives all the forbidden pleasures to her worshiper, whoever has the courage to follow her and walk in her way will be drowned in pleasure and lust.
This is a simple and basic ritual to communicate with her. Do this and taste power of our Lady, if you are worthy of knowing her secrets and having her power, she will come to your dream.
Rinse a bowl with water and place it in the sun, wait for the new moon, on the third night after the new moon, turn the altar to the east, Burn incense, sandalwood is well, light three candles like a triangle, one green to the right, one black in Left and one red to yourself, read her name seven times on the wine glass and drink half of it before starting this ritual. Meditate in silence for a few minutes, she is the goddess of fertility and pleasure and her rituals are rituals of sex and arts. It is erotic and sexual energies are always used and sexual fluids are given to the goddess. Masturbate and focus on seal and recite the goddess’s name slowly with a rhythm so that when you reach orgasm, you empty your sexual fluids in the bowl in her name. Focus on your breathing, place the bowl in the center of the triangle and pour seven drops of blood into it and read the invocation:

Coming out of the darkness!
Black Goat of the Forest!
Lord of the Young Legions!
Commander of Lang’s army
I call to you!
lady of desire!

You, formless and with a thousand forms
You who give birth and devour
You, perverting the essence of things
You, furious and mighty

Leading the legions of the Young!
Your offspring do not know mercy
They do not know saturation
Forever hungry
Driven by blood lust
Raging forces

Come to the priest who calls you!

I am your voice
I am your eye
I am your strength
I am your hand
I am your power
I’m walking your path
I glorify you!

Accept my prayer this hour!

for enn say this;
a’ai y’gatu l’il ro’kanah shub-nigurath, ia(yyyyeeee-iiiiii) shub-nigurath.

if it is difficult for you to speak the old ones language, Read this: Eeyore Eeyore Shab-Niggurath Eeyore!

Feel the dense scent of roses, feel the pink roses, green energy and sensuality of the goddess that wraps around your waist like octopus legs
invoke she to your body and enjoy the pleasure in your cell to cell

her seal:

and her sigil:

shub-nuggurath is goddess of venus, so you can use Copper in the ritual And make it much stronger.

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Having worked with and spent some time in the presence of both, I absolutely disagree.

Just because they show up as feminine and have sexuality as part of their personality, doesn’t mean they are anything alike. So can aspects of Hecate or Isis or Ereshkigal. Lumping them together means you aren’t seeing them for the current(s) they represent on a subtle level.

I think you should consider calling them as they are before making grandiose claims.


Surely if two characters of the same essence were not called exactly two by the same name, these beings are beyond our mortal world and understanding, and we can never know their infinite essence, so we can only know each time see a small and limited part of this infinite creature.
The one we call shub niggurath has two aspects, life and death, like Lilith who is the mother of demons and gives life to her children, and like lilith (also she is a vampire and take life from other) and tiamat who is the queen of death, it is the imperfect human mind that separates death and life Sees; One mortal mind cannot see that giving life to something is taking life from another; For example, when you give life to a homemade cake and it creates it, you take life from its components, such as milk and eggs, which you kill and destroy.
You can not understand, but these names are the essence of a person: azathoth, ahriman,satan,zeus,azazel,shemyaza,amon,horus,seth,lucifer,shiva…

I FIND WITH THOSE “Communications” .

Each unit is a collective or individual concept; To each of these, in nature, all concepts in some way
Are related.
Hence 93 is related to 31, because it is a coefficient of it; 13 is related to 1 because אחד
[Akhaz], a Hebrew word meaning one. A gentian is connected to heaven; Because both are blue
are; And blue is associated with jupiter, Venus, and the Moon, and thus the numbers 4, 7, and 9, for which the planets
They are holy; Because blue is the color of all three planets on one of the scales.
For this reason, all words are in some ways the implicit meaning of all other words or numbers; The problem is simply found
Making the right category is to express the relationships between them.
These connections, such as חוד [Hood], Jalal, אלהים [Elohim], גבורה [Gabor], כוכב [Kokab], Hermes
[Mercury], סמאל [Samuel], Purple, [Anubis], [Tahouti], Tahout, Orange, Red
Fawn, Yellowish brown with white streaks, ninn [oudin], Loki], Hermes
[Hermes], ् ुहनमत] Hanuman], Bisexual, Jackal, Monokeros, Astris de Monokeros, Yellow Garlic
European, Lewinii Arhalonium, Ayn al-Shams, Ghost Holy
Verses used in ceremonies, honesty, octagonal, Serenitatis Palatium, Aaron,
, The seducers ،countless other meanings: 1 Raqie, ःवािध Ƶ ान [Savadistana], Sakia
They are all related to the number 8.
“Communications” are not optional; In some cases, there is a logical connection, direct or indirect; At
In other cases, relationships result from direct observation.