$ Show me the money $

Ok so I’m not gonna give the mind blowing advice you all are hoping for. Yes, there are demons, spirits, ect to help you out. I have had the most success with Lucifuge. But Bune, Clauneck and others are good to work with as well.

If you find a spirit you mesh with go for it. Do a strong ritual! By all means! But also use what you have available to you.
Work smarter not harder. I think this has been an on going lesson from Lucifuge to me.

But now for some practical advice.

  1. invest. Let your money make you money. Now I’m no high roller. Just starting out myself. But I’m doing well.
    Its so easy to invest now that no one has an excuse to not be investing. Especially in crypto. You can invest in that with your pay pal and hell even cash app allows you to invest in bitcoin.
    Its super easy to use and navigate.

  2. Use an app like fetch rewards. Every time you shop save your receipt . you can snap a picture of any and all reciepts and get points. You bonus points for certain products and most of them we buy anyway … Like pepsi, lays, huggies, suave, whatever. Once you get enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards and their are several to choose from like amazon, Barnes and Noble, restraunts and so on.
    Example. This morning I wanted to buy a book that a youtuber I follow is selling. I went to Barnes and Nobles and found it. But I didnt want to pay almost 27 dollars for it. Then I remembered I had enough points for a gift card. Cashed in my points and paid only $1.98 for said book. :open_book: I got what I wanted both ways , I got the book and didn’t spend the dough. A penny saved is a penny earned.

  3. coupons. Now I’m no super couponer. I don’t have a notebook full of all the coupons ive clipped. Its just not practical for me and most of the stuff I wouldnt have even bought.
    But I live very close to a dollar General. And they offer online coupons. So I shop there anyway. If they have coupons for products I use then great!
    So if I use a coupon for say 5 dollars of huggies diapers which I have to buy anyway then score one. But huggies is also on fetch rewards with huge bonus points so I buy huggies at dollar General and save 5 bucks then snap a pic on my fetch rewards and get bonus points that add up to another free gift card just for saving and taking pictures of reciepts.
    Its a win win.

I got the product i needed, saved a couple of bucks and got extra points towards a free gift card.

  1. the dollar tree is your friend. Most things you can save tons on buy shopping at the dollar tree. For instance I’m planning a big Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I got all of the festive plates, napkins, spoons, forks, holiday decor there for about 30 bucks.
    But you calculate 1 pack of napkins at the dollar tree versus 3 to 5 dollars even at Wal Mart. And you can quickly see I saved alot of money. Plus, I have receipt for my fetch rewards and more points towards a gift card.
    Also, if you are thrifty there are many things you can buy at the dollar tree to make whole meals for less than 10 bucks. Like ramen with soy sauce and add in some small cut up cooked pork and bam! Being smart can save you so much money.

Work smarter not harder.

Then if you are working with a spirit for wealth and money, you will start to see alot of things manifest quickly for you.
If you are working and trying your spurt is gonna Work and try. The harder you work for your future the harder they work :nerd_face:


Also. Think I forgot to mention it but fetch rewards also scans e receipts from your connected email. So you even get points for shopping online. :moneybag::sun_with_face:

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Business is great just becareful that it doesn’t stick you working an insane amount of hours to make that treasure.

And finding treasure is awesome as i have had that experience with Lucifuge, but there needs to be a working plan a way to maintain. It’s great to find a ton of money but if you blow it all in just a few years or even months then your just right back at square one. The average wealthy person does not show it. They don’t drive brand new sports cars and stay in luxury hotels. They know how to budget , plan and save. Looking at them you would never guess the money in their bank accounts.

Maintaining a plan to stay the course and not go crazy with spending is key.

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