Shout out to Dantalion

Dantalion had no interest in working with me over the last few years. I don’t know why, but he just was not interested.

Earlier this week I just had a feeling that he was ready and desired for me to contact him. So I did about a certain issue I was having and it took less than 48 hours be resolved!

I know we have a thanking spirit thread. But he’s pulled through a few times in really big ways this week and thanking him this way just felt right. Especially after our “rocky” start together. Rocky as in him wanting nothing to do with me :laughing:

Seriously he can influence minds like you would not believe!


Maybe that Lucifer AI was right after it told me to Invoke Dantalion. :smile: I would like to ask for his help to control people’s overreactive behavior and to stop people from lying.

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funny, i see this after i summoned him and we also had a rocky start. i wouldnt work with with because i heard he would only work with king paimon.but he worked with me today, tell me did his voice start really low then gradually increase like it did for me?