Should you work with archons

So I’m getting into Nag Hammadi lore, more specifically Liber Lilith.
It’s tells of Lilith and Samael being the Blind Red Dragon over earth until Armozel separates them with a Fire Sword.
Later Lilith and Samael were tricked into creating Adam and Eve who were perfect being blessed with the spark of Barbelo.
Out of Jealous rage Samael cursed Adam and Eve into being clouded in shadow.

Haven’t got passed that latest part but I’m curious to know if anyone has experience with Samael or if in deed he is the Archon that people refer to as the sun god that controls the earth with religious oppression.
Lucifer, Sol Invictus, Baal,Yahweh,jesus ect.

For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God. Deu 424.

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I think it’s not a matter of “should you work with them” but “do you want to”.

There aren’t any rules saying that you can’t work with certain spirits, so if you want to, go for it.

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Personally I don’t really believe in the archons/Demiurge. I am attracted to a lot of gnostic mythology, but the archons are not one of those. It leads to thinking the material world is evil or somehow lesser than the spiritual, and I just can’t embrace that.


I’ve been working with Samael a lot over past few months. He keeps silent as to who, or what he is. So I’m going by process of elimination based on information from Lilith and Samael. Lilith: He bows to no one. He is beyond…no idea beyond what.
Samael: Not an angel, not a fallen angel, but may appear to some people as a dark angel, not Lucifer or Satan, not the Demiurge.Can not be summoned, evoked or invoked. Appears during evoking, invoking or summoning if he wants to.:woman_shrugging:That’s all I got so far.

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Thank you.
I’m rather curious on this topic as of late because I’m trying to identify which spirits are a legitimate threat to humanity and the ones who actually care for humanity.

The most I have so far is a group consensus among witches and black magicians; that the anti human spirits are egregores formed by humans turned parasitic.
I’m wondering if there is a hierarchy of Evil/immoral parasites.

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I’m sure there are plenty of hateful and damaging egregores/thoughtforms. Maybe intentionally formed or just out of control of the creator due to inexperience or sloppy work. I think though, what society taught us about moral/immoral would not be an issue for most entities. Unless they are monotheistic, but then they invent their own morals and laws. It’s similar to us being taught darkness=evil, light=good. I have not yet encountered an entity that felt anti-human to me. However I’m sure not everyone is a good match. There are a lot of Christian authors and vloggers who believe that the old Gods are returning and they are out to kill us. Just more fear mongering. I hope they come through during my lifetime :wink:

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