Should I redo "Demons of Magick"?

Recently, I did a ritual to Buer by writing my request in code. However, when it came time for me to read the coded statement I wrote, I experienced brain fog and couldn’t recall the full sentence. I said something close to what I wanted. Would I have to redo the ritual to make sure the demon really gets the right message?

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Shouldn’t be necessary.


I made lots of mistakes while doing my first ritual from that book and it still worked , don’t doubt it , you looked at the seal and asked the demon , he heard it!


If it’s the book by gordon winterfield, he seems to stress getting the writing correct.
Explaining that after writing it in code you wait at least an hour, but not so long that you forget what you wrote.

I try the same ritual, i took notes, lol, so i’d remember the important things… like uriel is “earth” or to look at the sigil counter clockwise. I feel i probably messed it up a bit too, since i needed to pause to double check notes.

Im going to try the 2nd summoning once i get things memorized better. See if i can petition for finding a lost item =/ also i think being able to communication v.s. just the petition should yeild better results. Kind of like the difference between a phone call and a letter, the phone call you’re better able to know what the other person is planning or what concerns they may have. If any… the petition just seemed soooo…1 sided… =/


Yes, you are right. I waited too long. I used a voice recorder to help me with the steps but when it came time to recall the exact sentence my mind went blank for some reason. I will do my best to not leave a long time gap.

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I petitioned Buer back in October. I have to get up at 4 AM if I want to do any magick in private. The downside to that is I can be a bit groggy still. I forgot to touch the actual written to his sigil before I burned it. He still came through for me.

I sometimes forget the actual wording, so I write it on a small piece of paper and I look at it before I start the petition ritual.


Hello fellow Demons of Magick workers!
I am responding to an old post because this is what I found from a search.

Issue: While doing Ritual One, I felt as if something was off and I think it was interfering with my complete concentration. A few hours later I realized I forgot to speak the names of the 4 Angels before writing the name of my chosen Demon on the encoded seal.

Question1: Will it cause problems if I redo Ritual One?

Question 2: If I remember that I forgot a step during a ritual, do I continue through to the end leaving the forgotten step out; back up to the forgotten part and move forward to the end or the ritual; stop completely with an incomplete ritual; something else; or does the purpose of the ritual or the Demon summoned determine whether to start over, continue, etc.?

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I have read in GOM site that if missing a step causes you to doubt, then redo it but if you are confident with the ritual, then you just have to go on with your life