Should i open my third eye

So I’m thinking about opening my third eye and i have heard that some people have had negative 3rd eye opening experiences and if i get a negative 3rd eye opening experience then do you guys think lucifer would help me get rid of this negative experience and tell me what to do to get rid of the negative 3rd eye experience. if i get a negative 3rd eye experience
That is. I would appreciate any answers

It’s already open bro, you just gotta learn how to use it.


If you’re referring to those you tube videos, it’s usually crazy people doing it for kicks, or dabblers trying something new that seem to experience the negative effects.
If you’re wanting to use it, don’t be afraid. you already know that there is so much more to the world that you perceive at this very moment. You would’t be here if you didn’t, so go for it.
You do need to remove your hesitation though, it’s going to be a stumbling block for you. Why don’t you evoke Lucifer if thats who you work with include him in your endeavor and ask him to guide you, rather that call on him to fix your mess.


The only negative experience is one in which you give into FEAR.

You can ask the Ancients to give unto you an strongman or indwelling guardian and guide to assist you in this practice.
It is about learning to use it yes.
Having them work with you allows you to familiarize yourself with who you really are.
It’s like to me, someone showing you how to look outside by parting the curtain and after having parted it enough, you realize suddenly there really was no curtain except your mind and the FEAR it generates.

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