Should I invoke Dantalion or Andromalius?

Yesterday I tried to make a deal regarding love matters with Dantalion. I woke up around 9 o’clock in the morning and as I was half asleep, I thought to myself. “Duke Dantalion I welcome you in my dreams to talk”. After that as I have closed my eyes I started to see some weird balls of light. About a minute later I heard from inside of my head a deep voice asking: “What do you want?”. The tone was strict but I wouldn’t call it hateful. Then I asked quite in detail my request. But after that I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I drew Dantalion’s sigil in a piece of paper and pinned it on a noticeboard above my desk. I was feeling some strange vibes so I performed an LBRP a couple of hours after the incident. My intention was not to banish Dantalion himself but any bad energies I was feeling. After the LBRP I started to feel a euphoria throughout the day. Now this is where Andromalius started to come up. I started to have the urge of seeking info about him. Now today I thought of making a proper ritual for Dantalion. But I am a total rookie and it failed miserably. I am not able to reach proper trance at all. Now after that this curious thing happened. I keep forgetting Dantalion’s name and instead Andromalius’ name keeps coming up in my head. So what does this mean? I am looking up videos regarding trance to try again a ritual later today, but what should I do? Should I keep trying invoke Dantalion or should I listen to my instinct and try to contact Andromalius instead? I am quite confused and I am stressed if I did anything wrong.

Andromalius regarding love matters! Interesting
:woman_shrugging:t2: did someone steal something from you? Do you need justice?
You can call them both for help and see what they can do for you!

Hmm I wouldn’t say I need justice, but something did happen that I found very unfair. Do you think I should try to contact Andromalius instead of Dantalion for now? I am so confused.

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Do you want Andromalius to punish someone? If its a lover then you may not get them back but they will get hell for wrongdoing!

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I have a close bond with Andromalius, he can help punish wrong doers to you, find stolen things and uncover hidden plots and enemies etc. I have never considered him a ‘love’ spirit.

He is very honourable and useful ,but I can think of better love spirits.


No not at all but I think I understood how he is related. There is a fortuneteller in my town who is quite famed whom I visited twice The first time a couple of months ago she saw the success of the love matter before I even met the girl and was in general quite impressive with her readings. But now I paid her a visit some days ago and not only she was very vague about what she saw but foretold a contradicting future in general about the love matter After that I felt devastated and dumb for trusting her at all. Maybe that’s what Andromalius is going to make clear if I contact him. Whether she foretold my future or if she is just another crook. I dont think he is related to the love matter itself.

Well that makes sense! :pray: good luck with your love life! You can always call Lucifer if you don’t know who to call! He can guide you to the things you need!


I think that’s what I will do. Lucifer is the only spirit I have talked to through astral projection plus it seems that I have an affinity with him so I think I will be more confident contacting him. Thanks a lot for your help!!! :smile:

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:hugs: np! Lucifer is the best!

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Hi. I’ve just joined this site and your comment was one of the first things i saw. I am currently dealing with a huge amount of flack started by an ex roomate who is making false claims against me and my partner. You mentioned you have a close bond with this daemon. Is there any way you can help to maybe talk to him for us? Or maybe recommend an evocation method? This person has greatly effected our business but since they have so much clout in the community, most people won’t see him for the bullshitting rabblerouser he is.

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I PM’d you

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