Should I Feel Guilty?

Good day Everyone, Just a quick question. I evoked President Valac asking for 1k. 3 days passed and I went to a restaurant and found a phone. I took the phone.Off it and drank my coffee. A guy came straight to me asking me if I seen his phone and I acted dumb for sure. I can resell the phone but not as much as 1k. Did I do the right thing or should I give it back. Not sure why I feel this way. Maybe I should change my perspective. If you are reading this, do give me your opinion. Have a wicked day.


You feel guilty. I’d say you call the person and say that you found it on the street near the place where you were.

I’d then wait to meet him and return it to him.

Let us know how it turns out for you.


It’s up to you, but if you sell it, how will you feel about yourself?


Well this your conscience battling over to be selfish or selfless. I know if someone kept my phone I’d be highly pissed… i have pictures and videos on mine that mean quite a lot to me.

In the end it’s your call, since this must be something you’re struggling with, maybe it’s possible to ask the entity you’re working with to avoid the situation of knowing who the spell affects, so it wont play on your emotions. I think when asking for money, money just doesn’t materialize out of nowhere, it has to be taken from someone…their loss but your gain… unless you petition for a really good job.


You won’t even be able to sell it without ripping off a second person. When a phone gets reported stolen it gets “bricked” all you have is a paperweight.

They know you had it, you can track your phone through both iPhones and Android.


If this is causing you so much guilt that you had to come to an internet forum to seek advice, I would just find a way to return the phone and move on. It’s not worth having this much guilt. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Thanks for spending your time typing this. I got the point. Nope I did not ask for a job. Just cash as I send a petition again to Duke Bune for job.

I get it. I don’t mind doing baneful act, but sometimes I have a soft side. Just a headache now thinking what to decide.

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I’m with all the advice above, I am really honest with lost things, and money and so on in general, and it’s repaid me in various ways, also going to share this:

Now, that was posted years ago and for all I know he’s changed his views since, but it makes a lot of sense and I feel in my gut that stealing and keeping stuff in this kind of situation is just bad mojo.


They can track he has it even with the device being off?

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Personal tracking wise, maybe. They’ll at the very least know the location it was powered off.

The iphone though as an example, you can’t remove the battery, the police can track it until the battery dies. Whether the police will put in the effort over 1000.00 to get a grand larceny charge is very location specific.


sometimes good things happen to those that do good. Maybe befriend the owner. They can be good network chance for work or other useful help. who knows? maybe this is chance encounter opportunity.

maybe person is connection to your future spouse? haha. And that can be worth more than 1000 bucks you ask. probably over that to spend seducing spouse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It could also be a test to see if your worthy to receive the 1000 bucks you ask for.


I find it interesting the temptation aspect of this whole thing. We read about spirits leading us to wickedness and tempting us. I think this is a clear cut case of being baited to do the wrong thing… interesting.

I’d be curious to know how you evoked pres. Valac did you try to constrain or use something like the Tetragrammaton to force compliance or something? I ask because of the way this manifested for you is clearly not fortitutitous.

Btw you may have missed an opportunity to get money from him being generous that returned his phone to him.

Just a thought.


Very true. If I was a business owner and I had a job opening the first person I’d hire is someone I perceive as honest with integrity to represent my company.

I can train skills not character.


You asked for money and you got a way to get money.
You got what you asked. Why ask for something that you’d regret later or feel guilty?
From one hand, that shows you got a manifestation that many can’t get.
With strong negative feelings such as regret, guilt, fear etc your subconscious mind will connect the word (money) with a negative feeling and will try to stop you from getting what makes you feel bad. It’s a way to protect you.
From the other hand, keep notes for better wording next time.


After reading all the comments, I have decided to return the phone. Its samsung A21s. I feel Valac baited me on this. Love you people. I will update once I have returned the phone.


I think it’s the right thing man and next time ask pres. Valac to manifest in a way none are harmed.


Go it Anassa. I have not worked on manifesting wealth. This is my first time in doing so. I need to focus on my intent as well. Just that I did not expect it to manifest this way. Learned a lesson. Thanks again.


What you are saying is true. I will keep that in my mind.


This brings to mind that I’m better able to manifest events and objects than cash, and maybe @Rudra218 you’ll find the same, so next time you need “money” try manifesting tyhe thing you actually wanted it to buy? :thinking:

That’s not a glamorous answer, unlike manifesting wedges of cash :smiley: but, it might be worth a try.

And I hope this pays off for you. :+1:


Thank you Lady_Eva. I will do that. It gets complicated when it comes to money. Thanks for the guidance. :heart: