Should I burn the Sigil after invocation?

So I was looking at the temple of ascending flames open projects. I noticed that they give the sigils above and write the invocation below.

So should I just print them out and bleed on the sigil and burn after reacting the invocation during ritual or keep them for some time?

Thanks as always :wink:


I prefer to burn the sigil after my wish is fulfilled. But there are different opinions on this. Read all the opinions and then stay with the one you feel is right


In my opinion it depends on the energy it gives you. If you’re close to that energy there is no need to burn them.

Let’s take Lucifers Sigil. I use it in every evocation. It’s always in my temple.

I have burned Sigils I don’t use anymore. But for you burn it make a little closing ritual:
‘I’m closing this Sigil, thus I declare this Sigil void’. Then burn burry or throw it in water.


What if I burn the whole paper at the end of the rite? I just trying to invoke them within me…

I would close it (declare it void) before ending. So you not offend.
In my opinion it isn’t necessary, mostly close the ritual like: ‘you may leave in peace’
And use proper banishing if you think it’s needed.


I´d say burn it

Yep but declare it closed. Burn or burry in the ground or with water. Three of the four elements

What if it gives you a heavy energy and my house feels haunted. In my case I just evoke King Belial yesterday . Today I feel my house is cold and heavy. It feels there’s walking everywhere my house. My son felt it and got scared. My workings with King Belial is not done yet but is it alright to close the sigil now ? Would it be proper if I dispose it on the sink while water is on and down the drain?

Spirit seals are traditionally disposed of through the elements. A paper seal can be burned, and the ashes cast upon the wind, or into a river, or buried in the earth. Modern Flushing can be a stand in for using a river, as it is still flowing water.

Ty ! I will burry the sigil in my garden. What about LBRP, is it appropriate for me to do so after calling the demon gods?

In my opinion, yes.

Some people, who take a more religious view of demons, claim using a ritual such as the LBRP offends them, but in my personal experience that is simply not true.