Should I become a priest for the benefits?

I know religion is mostly lies. Having learnt the bible and Catholicism well, I could preach to others while aiming to actually get some real truth out. Some great advantages I have are not caring what others think and being a master of manipulation when it comes to things such as ideas and magick.

My former church offers free education to become a priest. Priests have the benefits of shelter and basic living necessities, though they probably don’t make much money.

I mean I became a Priest because I can literally start my own church if I wanted, that’s the only benefit I wanted :laughing: whether I’d do it or not is up in the air.

A Priest can also marry others, do burials, among other things that seem interesting lol.


That’s on you and your morals. I personally get a bad vibe from the idea, but if I had the same back ground and skills, I might consider doing it myself. Not like I haven’t thought of it. But my opinion on the matter is that it is dishonest. Not necessarily bad, but dishonest. Do whatever you want, but be sure to keep your practices hidden.


Catholic priests cannot marry.

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I think if you become a priest or anything just for these so-called benefits it diminishes the authority and or station in one’s own self that believes and follows through with what our calling may be in this life. Nothing is as hunky dorry as it may seem and just because you feel your an authority on a subject doesn’t mean you don’t have room for growth. Look before you leap and damn sure pay attention to where you land because it just might be a briar patch and not a lot of sand…

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A priest can literally overhead a marriage ceremony.


U have humbled me. I was thinking u thought as a priest I could get married to another woman. I thought this b/c there are pastors of other religions (like almost every) that are allowed to get married.

Being on low disability payments, I’ve been pondering this idea. This is sort of a desperate moment for me. After nearly mastering myself, I’ve learned to remain calm and collected.

I have other options to work with, which seem like better ideas. One problem with priesthood is the possibility of getting too close to the religious beliefs. How could I get so into the liturgies and scriptures without it negatively affecting me?

If you don’t believe in their scripture before you even start it is kind of justifying all the Christians that talk about false prophets.

It is one thing to be on the path and question vs being a spiritual leader who doesn’t believe it.

I understand faking being a Christian to fit into society but they don’t take roles of leadership that have people coming to them begging for help and encouragement of to strengthen their faith, especially during the really rough time of life.

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I believe parts of it. Some “prophets” probably got gut feelings and much of it is to just teach lessons.

I know. I rationalize it b/c I know all the priest are “dull”. They are supposed to know a great deal about the spiritual world, but they cannot even properly guide one to defend themselves from evil entities. I know this, because I was in this situation. As a priest, I would at least be able to do this very simple task.

I am good at helping and encouraging people. Although I use common sense and magick, I can simply slip in a few “Christian” beliefs, like “God wants yada yada.”

Btw, Christianity is basically just magic or can be viewed at from such a perspective and manipulated as such.

Also becoming a Priest isn’t some easy thing anyone can just do, it takes an undergrad philosophy and then 5 years of training.

Why don’t you just pursue what you believe in already and enhance that instead of trying to fit your system in different one that people depend on.

Sincerity of the leadership of the Church should be important, and is important to followers.

(I know occultist who became or are becoming ordained but they are doing it their own agenda and aren’t going to be preaching)

There are easier jobs to achieve on disability than Priesthood.

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What kind of priest have you met?

have I met?

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Instead of becoming a priest, why not do actual spiritual work that people need done.

There is plenty out there for different types of practitioners and the demand is growing. You could even teach stuff (yeah, I know make people pay for course where you just sit on your arse and most of the students don’t learn much of anything, but still would be an improvement over a priesthood where students just learn stuff most of them could read on their own in the bible, get bored in church and think about grocery shopping, and then eat tasteless wafers while thinking they have a community of people who really don’t have much in common otherwise other than attending the same building on Sunday.

I mean you can get the same benefits by joining the military (food, shelter, pay) that you would get as a priest but the military at least isn’t a life long commitment (although you do have to risk your life). If you really wanted to become a priest it should be something you carefully consider since there’s usually no getting out once you’re ordained.

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