Should i banish the area before astral travel?

should i make an exorcism to me or banish the area before astral travel?
today i was in the TGS state trying to astral travel i havent astral travel before
and i dont even know how to, i tried before with the few info that i got and nothing but
today when i tried, next to me i could hear a deep breath of someone so what i do?
also im new to astral travel soul travel astral projection so any hints???
how much time to do this? months?
do youtube binaural videos help?

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You could banish. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

In EA’s course he outlines several exercises to build up your energy body for soul travel. If you are not having success you should work on the basics: Meditation, Visualization, Chakra Opening, etc.

A big factor in the ability to soul travel is the ability to relax, and have a calm, focused mind (in the beginning at least). Also practice it every day (or as often as you can).

Another tip: dont lay down! This has helped me stay conscious during my travels.

The time span to learn this skill depends on YOU. Your effort and hard and dedication put into it. Not just passively trying every night, but working on improving you skills and abilities that lead up to soul travel. Your meditation. Your visualization. Your ability to relax.

Within a few weeks of practicing EAs method and working on developing my skills I have had a successful soul travel experience.

Im not sure about binaural videos. I have tried them, and some are really distracting. Its usually a hit or miss for most folks. As with everything, try it, and if it works for you great! Just dont get hooked on them and ‘need’ them to soul travel. Try to graduate from them, because eventually, even if you dont think so, you wont need them. The more and more you get into these trance states the more you’ve trained your brain, the easier all this will come.

So dont give up! You can do it! You can travel to the astral and then to realms beyond what you think is possible. Im working on it! If I can do it, so can you.


thank you very much! i really want to go far away…
does EA’s course is free on his youtube channel or is in a book?
also how much time for you took you to soul travel?

I bought his course when it was half off during the summer. I havent looked through his YouTube but I hear there is a lot of good stuff on there. You might want to comb through it and see what you can find!

It took me a couple weeks of practice using his methods.

Now, I still am ‘hit or miss’ , I dont travel every single time I set out to. I am still learning, but right now I am happy with my progress. It is amazing what you can do when you actually start applying yourself.