Should baneful magick

be done before or after positive inclined magick that is not related? or does it not matter?

Each individual task/objective should have its own ritual performed for it. Its not really important which order they are done as long you are able to create clear lines of focus for each working

what you said is very powerful

Eh just evoke an entity for it. Baneful workings get boring after a while, sort of becomes a chore.

I’ll second what soundwave said. I’ve heard people say to never perform a baneful operation on the same day as a positive and vice versa, to usual different alters or ritual space etc. IMO if you can clear your workspace and put yourself in tune to the energies, entities whatever your using then it shouldn’t be a problem.

can u explain why u see it this way?

i understand

I have done a ton of baneful workings. After the allure of having power over death wears off you will get bored

LOL i need to get like you