Short Notes for Newbies

Short Notes for Newbies

Liber Null & Psychonaut

Magick works! You think I’ve devoted my life to something that doesn’t work? All that precious time and money? And I wasn’t naturally gifted. I wasted a lot time.

Both the right and left hand Magickal paths are dangerous. Been there. Done that.

OK, so Magick doesn’t work for you? How long you been at it? How much you read and how much you actually done or are you still in your comfy intellectual, internet easy-chair shooting the breeze? If you haven’t got a Magickal Journal (and maybe a special pen) then stop reading now.

Excuses are like arseholes. Everybody’s got one! I’m not interested.

Take an oath to Yourself, but first draft it over and over until it’s exactly what you want with no ambiguities – then include a time period. Write it in your Magickal Journal or on a pierce of paper. Seal it with your blood. If you break your promise to the Self that you seek to be, only you will know and you’ll understand just how much you’re truly worth.

Make yourself beads or knots in string and chant! Just do it. If you do it you’ll know why. Learn by practice how to project your voice, whether loudly or with a whisper. Take however long it takes to learn and effectively deliver a banishing. A lot depends upon that. Over time it becomes quicker and more powerful. Then do the Lesser Headless Ritual . That will fuck you up big-time, but at least you won’t doubt Magick anymore.

Get your Magickal weapons consecrated and usable. There are energies you’ll discover by making and using Magickal weapons. After discovering these energies you can improvise. And finally, Chaos Magic is useful both for its hands on techniques and theory.