Short intro


I’m new here and i’m not that experienced in most occult or magical teachings but i do own a copy of Koettings book evoking eternity: forbidden chthonian edit. & and i’ve got several books of Michael W. Ford. I’ve got the Luciferian tarot cards by Michael W. Ford & at the moment still having to wait for my order to arrive i’ve made at luciferian apotheca. But as far as evocations or invocations i’m not to known but i’m sure i’ve got the attention of someone. My dreams make me wonder over the years what some we’re saying and still i’m getting dreams of beeing in places and there others and voices are heard.
Now i’ve found this book written by Koetting how to become a living God but i’ve got no card only PayPal which i’ve used many times.
I’m curious if ever anyone ever at one time woke up one morning but instead of your energy beeing restord your still tired? knowing that with only the mind one can enter other plains or worlds. Messages get send but the words sound more like incomplete sometimes i’m somewhere but no clue where you hear the voices you see people you know someone is there inside the dream. Some are very scary & some leave more questions behind so coming here is looking for the answers because it’s difficult to believe in just coincidence & i’ve manytimes felt a presence but not seeing whom so beeing carefull in approach one has to look in more darker corners where most people are warned about once you go that way you’ll have to continiu from descending into ascension.

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