Shiva & Shakti in Draconian Magick?


I know Shiva is a mask of Lucifer & Lilith as Shakti

I’m into Draconian Magick and I was wondering could I use those masks to work through my path with Draconian Magick


Why not ask them? I’m sure they could give much better advice on that than any of us.


For the first
Try to work with any deity according to their heritage or tradition
Shiva is shiva not mask of someone
Shakti kali is kali not mask of someone
Its just my opinion


Yup if both of their energies are same, we can’t conclude that they are the same or the mask of them.
They might be aspect of the one another.


All Spirits are individual, they might have originated from another but they are very much their own creatures now.

I’d second asking them OP. If they want to assist they’ll say so.
Also here is the Draconian Thread that is currently up.

There are 50+ other ones as well.