Shit happens

Everybody knows sometimes shit just happens. It wasn’t some evil force out to get you or your neighbors a dark warlock that hates you. It was just that well shit happens sometimes.

So how do you tell the difference between it just being a fluke that is gonna happen sometimes and it being a curse or an attack.

I can generally tell when I’m being seriously attacked. But the little things you had a fuss with your significant other…or you got a flat tire.
I mean those aren’t so easy to say oh I’m being attacked. You could be but I don’t think every little thing is an attack. So how do you discern the difference?


Very good question.


Personally, I use a pendulum to dowse, not “yes/no,” so much as the energy around a thing, or around a small run of events.

Divination of any kind should be useful.


I tend to go into a meditative state and pulse my aura to “see” any beings that may be around me at any moment. Or ive tried the john constantine method without the tattoos (Into the light i command thee)


If its a curse it will not be just one thing. One thing happens. Even two things. That’s life. But a curse is different. They are usually progressive. Meaning your life will fall apart piece by piece. So if a couple things happen, start looking for the spell. I look for aura and follow it. I am able to actually go into the timeline and watch it being said and i can also usually just. Idk. Feel (?) the elements of it to undo it. If you are a witch these abilities are accessible and needed. Now if it is an active and ongoing attack from someone and you can’t stop it that is when you need to get help from your friends. If its just one spell it can usually be handled.


This is why exploring the methods in black magic of ahriman have been making me more proactive as of late.

The main alter candle also acts as a divination tool since they are tied to intimately yourself. For example a few months ago i had about 3 candles i made with the same blends of wax that before had lasted 4-5 days burn down in less than 36 hours.

The first one i didnt think much about at the time but when the next 2 went crazy i took notice and did got proactive with the exercise for calling the divs and some other cleaning and defencesive measures. At the time a few things were going crazy at work with a certain service customer but 2 days after i took actions candle burn rate started going back to normal and the issue at work got solved.

Was that a result of a curse or spell, i’ve no clue but i took it as a sign to that i needed to take action i did and shit got settled. :grin: So far i know of at least one case of outside fuckery going on that got aimed at me. But that is handled. :slight_smile:


I would suggest that the majority of mundane things are “shit happens” type scenarios especially if they also affect others, such as weather, power outages, water issues etc.

Where things might be a little more questionable is if specific items are stolen or damaged or go missing, or you repair or pay for a repair and it disintegrates very quickly.

Perhaps I am being a little too slow sometimes with things or too laid back but I prefer a wait and see approach rather than an immediate reactive “It must be an occult issue” as I only want to work with these entities if I have something which I truly can’t deal with myself on a mundane level or would never be able to achieve to such a level without their encouragement or consultation.

By all means consult with them but they may suggest a completely mundane solution.

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