Shiny Tarot Journal

Hello again. My new tarot deck has finally come in the mail and I decided to post about my readings. Maybe it’ll help somebody else. I’ve tried a few different decks in the past, based on my appreciation for the art style. This here is a basic Rider Waite deck but it’s shiny. I like shiny.

In preparation I’ve held and looked at each card. Then I slept with it under my pillow. There’s gonna be a full moon in two days so I plan to consecrate them by leaving them out overnight. Previously I’d considered writing demonic symbols on them to keep anything else away, but they’re so shiny that I’m hesitant to put pen on them. I asked Beelzebub before they came to make sure nothing would corrupt them or tamper with the readings and so far they feel clean. I felt an excitement while opening them and hopefully I can trust and fall in love with tarot again.


【01: Who am I?】

To start with I asked this question to see what the cards would bounce back with. I’m happy with the answer because to me it makes a lot of sense. I’m not getting “ridiculous” cards anymore like The World and Sun everywhere, trying to tell me I’m great and everything is great when for a long time it hasn’t been. (My other tarot decks are missing cards so for now this one is all I got.)

【Decoding】 For ‘works’ position 【1】 we have 2oP showing that balance is being done however there’s also a need for it, seen by the choppy waters. ‘House’ 【2】 XVI Tower is representing how I’ve broken out of false paradigms and deceptive forces and how this has shaken my inner world. ‘Unexpected’ 【3】 3oC is emphasizing that despite the prior two cards I still find some manner of joy in life. ‘Person’ 【4】 XI Justice shows that I’m approaching this situation with rational thought and logic. ‘Outcome’ 【5】 XVII Star is showing hope for the future, and also that I’ll be able to “shine” when all this is finally over and dealt with. To me ‘back of the deck’ 【6】 is additional or general info, and the 3oS here is a good balance to the 3oC, showing that while I’m still able to find joy in life this situation hasn’t been particularly delightful.

My eyes were drawn to the Justice card, it’s also the card for Libra.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread pertaining to tarot.


Thats interesting
For some reason Beezelbub has helped me a lot with my readings too.
He is really good. He is one of my favourite spirits

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I have this deck and it’s a good basic working deck. Nice and sturdy, easy to shuffle too. I love rainbow/holo as well. :wink:

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【02: Please share some wisdom for the new occultists on BALG forum.】

As you can see I’ve drawn demon sigils on my cards. It makes me feel better about the kind of ‘wisdom’ I might be tapping into. This candle seems alive with presences, plural, perhaps various demons whose sigils I put in my deck. Tonight was too cloudy and started raining, so maybe tomorrow night I’ll be able to let these cards soak in full moon energy.

【Decoding】 While shuffling I felt it was important to reach out to an entity you feel called to. This message looks how one would expect. For ‘works’ position 【1】 we got KnoS which to me is warning about chaotic and racing thoughts. It’s telling you to calm your mind and not get carried away. ‘House’ 【2】 is 8oC which is saying some of you give up when you can’t detect your results. ‘Unexpected’ 【3】 AoC is assuring you that psychic contact and a beginning is being made even if you’re not sensing it yet. ‘Person’ 【4】 4oC is also indicating to the disenchantment people have when their attempts at making a connection aren’t met with immediate success. ‘Outcome’ 【5】 3oC is what drew my eye, particularly the woman in red. It’s speaking of success and celebration, and with her success in the occult this woman is enjoying the power and passion she’s robed in. ‘Back of the deck’ 【6】 is 9oW and yet another call to perseverance, as its message as a 9 card is almost-completion and that there’s an end to the struggle and effort.

I was then drawn to the face on 4oC that looked like someone focusing hard and frustrated, unable to see the magic cup offered. When I was Christian I remember feeling God’s presence strongly when I first accepted Jesus, having my big initiatory moment praying at my bed. Likewise Lucifer’s presence first came through and filled the room when I was idly meditating on him at work, not even intending to call him. I believe this is because I’ve had spiritual past lives, one where I was a witch. The point of this is that it’s not impossible to have your life changed by the occult. Demons seem to make some incredible signs for us at the start, then they back off and it’s up to us to train ourselves. If you’ve not seen any signs, hold out for something. Maybe sleep with a sigil under your pillow. If you’ve not seen any progress, try mixing things up a little and work on clearing up your physical life.

【03: Please give me some demony advice about something.】

I wasn’t gonna upload this one, but it was so spot on. This is only my third time using these cards. We have 5 out of 6 major arcana. That means big importance. I forgot to mention in the above reading that 4 out of 6 were water/cups cards which is all about psychic-ness. Sharing the readings like this can help others notice stuff I might miss.

【Decoding】 ‘Works’ 【1】 is O Fool which is stepping out in a completely new and different terrain. ‘House’ 【2】 is XIV Temperence which is an inner emotional balancing and healing. ‘Unexpected’ 【3】 4oC is dissatisfaction. ‘Person’ 【4】 X Wheel of Fortune is a big transformation, a new cycle underway. ‘Outcome’ 【5】 III Empress is one who is abundant and bringing things to fruition. ‘Back of deck’ 【6】 II High Priestess is about occult powers and mysteries.

This is perfectly reflective of the situation I’m in now, which started only days ago. The 4oC isn’t unexpected, but it’s an important part of how I feel due to the past and wouldn’t fit in any other position on the spread. A good tip is to not take rules seriously all the time when reading; greater understanding comes with practice.