Shifting to Desired Reality via external force?

So let’s say hypothetically I wanted to go to a reality where I have an attribute that I don’t have here (a.e swing from buildings like Spider-Man) could I summon an external force to do that for me?

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The short answer is no.

Thank you for keeping it brief. Do you think it would be a possibility to do it in my own?

Personally, I don’t believe it’s possible. The whole concept of “shifting” is an escapist fantasy based on a wish fulfilling interpretation of the so-called “many worlds theory” of quantum physics.


Thank you for sharing

Remember, Spiderman’s web slinging ability is actually tech based so theoretically, it would be possible to accomplish in this reality. You would just need the skills of a world-class gymnast and the mind of a genius chemist who can create a super-strong polymer to swing from.


This guy did it with engineering. Proving real Spider-Man swinging is possible - YouTube


But I’d also have the most durable organs ever as well because you could imagine the amount of moving they would constantly do if you yourself were a pendulum going at least 80 mph

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You can alter your body through the consistent application of your own consciousness.


It is possible, not that I speak of experience, but there are multiple types of magic circles which can be used as portals to even different plains. Mostly in our times, these are used to open portals to Hell, out of all places, but back in the Golden ages multiple were made as entire temples were you could enter a spefic realm, but not always are entire temples needed to consturct such type of entry ways. I will add a picture of one in Sri Lanka which has a english video aswell online, if you are interesed on the physical facts about it by PraveenMohan, even today it emits strong EMFs during certain astrological periods(even tough it is just a circle cut into rock), it can be used as a portal if one knows how to use it. The question is only if you truly, really want to do this, it is possible if you are willing to sacrifice your current lifestyle totally, if you can go and live in a secluded place and focus on it 24/7, attemping to get the knowledge of it from astral beings and doing really hard self improvement to be able to work with such energies. I would say probably almost everything one wishes can be achieved in this way and if it is not possible in this age with this body to cast such a high level circle then your chosen deity with will instruct you on the ways it is possible to achieve your goal(In this case maybe how you could transfer your soul to a existence you prefer).


I actually read “Mastery of space time transposing” by L Arklinski. I read it about 5 times and then for the last 4 or so nights I’ve been going through the motions of the process. I feel like the instructions in that book is what’s going to allow me to achieve what I want. I’ve been keeping a physical journal but decided to move it to my phone because it’s easier and more secure. Here is my journal entry from today that during school where I started to experiment a bit, because when you master this skill, you’d be able to do it while you’re awake, laying down, walking even. It’s the process thats the main obstacle but like with most things, once you do it for the first time, it gets easier. This is the first time I feel like I am actually making progress, I’ve felt things I have never felt before. Here is the entry. “ 4/4/23: I figured I should put my index and thumb together on both hands and use it as a trigger to let my body know it’s time to slow down, and start tapping into my power. I tried it this morning when I was high. Very intense, could’ve been because I was high. But I did it in SGMS classroom when it was empty during lunch. I sat down and initiated with the trigger. I slowly became more aware in my own head, my breathing started to slow, although forcefully, I was getting there. I was getting hotter in body temperature, my head felt really light. Much like experience when I was high, I got to a stage where I started to feel sick. I think I was getting close to the point where my body starts to sync together and harmonize. The author said this part can be uncomfortable and that I might want to stop, but I shouldn’t. The only reason I did was because I had to go to class and I was just doing it as practice and exercise. I am getting closer, I can feel it. I was getting close to the threshold. I don’t have school tomorrow and I don’t have to go into work until 6. Meaning I have a lot of time to go further. I believe it won’t take me long to achieve this. Further progress updates will come soon. I continue to re-read the book to better understand it, understand the process. Trust the process.“

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I have shifted twice. Do not recommend.

Why not?

Cuz it’s happened out of my control. I really can’t tell you how I accomplished that. But in the two occasions I have sketch this sort of outline of things that I want to get, do or be… I’ve written things l want, but i can’t have because of another situation that I’d wish it’d be different…

So I’ve ended up getting the things “I wanted” at the expense of others… That maybe were not perfect but i didn’t want to lose, and my life changed in catastrophic ways… I end up with “the life that I wanted” but losing precious things, people, etc …

Well, now that I think about it.

I said that I shifted twice, but maybe I’ve done it more without realizing , but I’ve only noticed when the results were bad.

Ok. My guess is this…

You know how there are many different shifting methods with water ? The two cups, talk to your water, program it, bla bla…

Well, I used to swim… I’ve done it on&off several times in my life. The two times that I know I shifted, I happened to be swimming… By that I mean that I went to a pool everyday or almost daily and swim for periods of time… The thing is that while swimming I tend to do 2 things, focus on my breathing, but this time is usually one when I can’t escape my mind, because I seldom have me-time. I have even fainted swimming because I get into trance state.

I remember This specific time when I had several , let’s say, identity and self awareness, feeling like my life was others and I decided to “make” an alter ego with the attributes I wanted for myself… And I’m talking about personality, friends, housing, etc… (I should have included other essentials but i didn’t know). I never finished the list because I got overwhelmed and left it for later, yet I was always thinking about it, and repeating it to myself. Different from lust for results because I wasn’t expecting results from magick.

So one day I went to my regular swimming sessions and of course I was thinking about it while in the water… About how certain problems could be fixed by getting these things from my list where I was basically other me .

That that I must have doppleganged myself or something, because at the showers I remember I had this sudden fear of having an encounter with myself once I opened one of the doors, and even though I didn’t have such “encounter” I FEEL and HAVE the memory of it happening.

After that day everything, gradually changed and in a matter of a month I got everything I said I wanted and lost all the things that I wanted yet I never mentioned.

What I’m saying is that maybe water is in fact a conductor of this… But i don’t know exactly how I did it I’m just guessing it’s related to that trance state while swimming. I tried the two cups method and it didn’t work :woozy_face:. So I’m no expert

But i do not recommend it, because there’s always something you’re going to leave out… Something you’re going to forget… You can make the entire plan or so you think, there’s something you’ll forget and that’ll be the price to pay.