Shielding gone wrong?

I layer my 3 shields, I acknowledge my shields roughly once/ twice a day.
I knew I was entering a negative place, where a narcissist resides so for further protection I wore my tourmaline bracelet & carried a bit of protection salt.

Whilst in a tiff with the narcissist over others being allowed to have an opinion in the world; I felt a great wave of energy of some sort. This felt like goosebumps mixed with electricity. This happened when the narcissist, like most narcissists, merely raise their voice to win arguments. On the other hand I was shocked by the experience, I couldn’t even think of what I was saying but thereafter I explained myself & began imagining sending the narcissist to a slaughterhouse to be made into polony.

Can someone please help in explaining whether my shields diminished or broke in some way to trigger me feeling the strange electrical/cold shiver experience- thank you in advance.

How are these shields constructed? To me it sounds like you have too many shields and they shorted themselves out. Generally you want to have one shield well designed shield rather than multiple shields.

Thank you for helping.

The shields were layered over each other 1) light 2) animal attack shield 3) golden hard reflective shield ( 1 being closest to me).

Hope this clarifies

Define what these shields do. Just by the name of it the animal attack shield is likely not needed. Peace with animals is easily achieved through your aura alone, Light doesn’t make much sense either but that depends how you define it.

My shield is a single creation of pure will designed to break down incoming hostile energy into base patterns and disperse it, in its default form but because of its nature of being pure will it changes based on what I tell it to. It takes a lot of practice to create and hold but once you have it you can effectively tell it to function in any way you desire for the situation even as a weapon to disrupt patterns of amplify outgoing information.

Interesting shield you have, thank you for the explanation; this truly helps.

I created an energy shield of light protecting me from all negativity/evil, then included an animal shield whereby a pack of wolves do not allow any evil to pass, and lastly I placed a golden shield that confuses and reflects negative energy. ( The golden shield being outer shield).

I read that layering shields works far better.

Generally it actually does not work better unless they are designed specifically to work together as a single unit. You have three shields all trying to do the same thing and one of them would be better manifested as a servitor or thoughtform rather than a shield.

Try removing the animal shield and instead manifest that as a servitor and light and gold shield try making into one unit with two components, one a matrix for stability and to supply a flow of power and the other as the actual shielding mechanism.

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Thank you very much!

I will try this instead and put it to a test.

Many thanks

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