Shemyaza- Samyaza the watcher

Hi guys,

can you tell me , if you’ve summoned Shemyaza, what for, how, and what were the reasults?
i tried a connection with him yesterday, and everything was so peaceful, and i saw 2 guardian in a forest one dressed in black and another dressed in white( pillar of knowledge and severity?), and they kind of showed me the way , but i did not access Shemyaza. though i could…

i have a request for him, and what i felt does not compare to what i have read… i might have mistaken somewhere… or not!

help :slight_smile:




I work with him pretty regularly. His presence can feel euphoric or terrifying, and anything in between. He teaches dark Sorcery, so you can imagine all the many things encompassed in that. May I suggest you follow that through to the end of it happens again? When I send his familiars to people they report feeling incredible, and are unable to sleep.
I summon him for the rite of deification and I summon him to teach me dark magick. Coyotes howl when he arrives.


May I experience this?

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Yes I will evoke you again and send them back with you this time.

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Oh yeah how’d that go?

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thank you very much
i felt great and relaxed i connect to him through the movie “Noah” so i did not get the darker side of him.
and i slept but did not dream.
i’ll try another connection soon :slight_smile:

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Before I even knew who it was, I was given this war chant which should be repeated vigorously upon anabasis. After it kept coming back to me I decided to look up the name.


Do you still have that chant?

Hi, can I know what did You use, dear, to summon this beautiful demon? I would be grateful for answer :slightly_smiling_face: I myself am very interested in this spirit :heart_eyes:

Welcome @DaughterOfElves. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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