Shem Angels correspondences such as demonologists do

Does anyone know a good site or book that lists correspondences for the Shem angels, or if they oversee a demon, would the demons correspondences be the same for the Shem angel?


I used to have the Shem Grimoire by Nick Farrell that was very good; but no longer have that.

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There was a post on here that had the demons and corresponding 72 angels. I think they had their respective dates also.

Demons of Magic also has the angels that correspond with each demon.


The Magick of Angels and Demons book by Henry Archer use a method by both shem Angels and Demons.,very good book


Book of the Hidden Name by Maximus Tyrannus Avery

It has the sigils, a list of what abilities they have and what they can assist with, their invocation script (like an Enn), and a page dedicated to additional correspondences.

Here is an example: