She said I don't want to be friends

Man it’s true when I dream about him, But I really love it, If there is no energy flow between us, I can’t do magic, I really loved her, I was wandering in front of your house to see it once, It is very difficult to be dating her now but if there is a flow of energy I can cast magic, Will need meeting for energy flow, Smiles inside the moment I hear her picture and her voice, I really like her, I’m sorry what she tells me but I don’t want new friends, here my decisions will come into play, Now what I want is I want to chat with her like a friend, How can i do this i’m waiting for your help​:pensive::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Are you talking about two different people or accident?

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From the girl I like

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Use the search function to find a love spell or find someone else that does want you.

Edit - those really are your options.


As always i say, binding, tie to u bomb them whit love spells.