Shax, a message from the abyss=

A demon from the abyss made himself known to me tonight. I had been so busy with everything in life that I had been neglecting my occult studies.
the demon came from the void into my perception which is rare because most often it is I who am going into the void to connect to the spirits. this was different. something is happening. someone is coming to help in ways that has been desperately needed. A hero from the dark to bring light.

Shax is his name. although his attributes are not well covered in the grimoire some are mentioned. But he told me he assists in psychic development and thought that I would be willing to assist him in the delivery of this message which I am right now.

he was channeled in 1991 by Mike Patton Billy Gould and Roddy Bottum
the message was perhaps known or not known to them but the message is and was always intended for you few here today.
listen to the lyrics and know it was for you.

a brief bit of info on Shax…



I remember the line “demon from the abyss” from revelation. Is that him?


What’s interesting is that a lot of that is from the Scientology personality test, the one they try to flag you down in the street to take (I did one time, this is how I know). Proofs online:

Does life seem worthwhile to you?
Do others push you around?
Is age against you?
Sing and rejoice!
Does life seem worthwhile to you?
Does emotional music
Have quite an effect on you?


I wonder if this is a hint at something else? :thinking:

Weird timing, with the cult stuff deepening around NXIVM and some very shady bad people.


L Ron Hubbard was known to be an occultist and also a nut job, kicked out of his Masonic lodge for being a nut. The mystery deepens…what does Shax have to do with it all? What is the hidden meaning?


I’m expecting to see aliens being memed along with civil war, because the Russian hoax failed, and some serious people may be one step closer to a holiday in Cuba.

L Ron got some basic gnosis and turned it into a sect for profit and power, roping in aliens (unfalsifiable) and the idea there’s Something Wrong With You combined with that immortal classic I Can Fix It For $$$.

I’ll be interested if you share more on this, anyway. :thinking: :smiley:


Shax is wonderful. I hope more people work with him. He can develop your psychic abilities and how to manifest your desires quickly using those senses.


His sigil reminds me of Clauneck’s



@AdamThoth Very curious. Literally just two or so hours before your post I personally discovered Shax for the first time and figured I should work with him… and now after your post, I am sure of it :slight_smile:

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Very cool synchronicity! :+1:

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Hi dear TatterSail - that would be Abaddon I believe the one holding the keys to the ‘Bottomless pit’… (which may be the abyss) :slight_smile: (?)



He’s quite a peculiar character - I heard that Crowley went into a spiritual war with him, magickally creating a tempest or storm so that L.R. Hubbard would have to come back to land after having ripped off Crowley somehow…; I believe that it was Pazuzu he sent for that even…
(I came across this story looking for gnosis on Pazuzu) :slight_smile:


that sounds completely delightful! thanks for sharing- any gnosis is highly appreciated! <3 ! :):smiley:


Intruiging to say the least!

Peculiar - the actual link between the album image and one of Shax’s main suggested form.
thanks for sharing mate, much appreciated… :slight_smile:

Would you like to tell us if you wish - in regard with going to the void, how would be your version of how you do it if you please? :slight_smile:

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You got the sauce for that story?

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When you reach the end and you visualize your body dissolves don’t end the meditation, instead stay dissolved in the void and allow yourself to be receptive to the most subtle visions and sounds or thoughts but keep your mind completely blank the whole time and just stay receptive.

He appeared to me as a native american male in his late 20s early 30s. He had incredible speed, he was running with what looked like demonic wild mustangs. He was the strong silent type to me but when he spoke it was very profound.

Whenever I give him a request I can see him in my minds eye speeding ahead of me to get it done. He is usually in a white teepee with red stripes with the horses guarding it.


@AdamThoth any further info on Shax?

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Shax has been a protector demon of mine. He’s a very cool one to work with…it’s odd I was just thinking of him earlier and then this shows up in my feed. :heart: