Sharing some recent lessons

Hey everyone, thought I would drop by to share a few revelations I had recently. Im currently working with a bunch of spirits: Lucifer, Belial, Lilith, most recently Sitri. Also started listening to “Book of Azazel” audiobook on E.A.'s channel, which just by doing that, I can already feel a connection forming with Azazel. So its hard to say who is dropping the truth bombs on me right now.

Essentially, I was doing a working to bring a certain person into my life and then after I completed the ritual, in the days passed, I meditated on the whole process. So Im meditating, planning out all of the events strategically, to see what will I need to do when, to have the result come into fruition. Seeing all of the little things needed for this to work made me frustrated… And then it hit me. Since I am a God and my will is reality, I know that the result will happen and essentially, I already have what I willed to have. But, Im also a being of physical world and at this moment in time Im at present, not the future, where the result has materialized. And then, if only for a moment, I caught myself seeing time as non linear. A dot instead of a line. Which honestly kinda blew my mind, because now I have felt how spirits perceive time and its nuts. It was sort of a lesson in omniscience. I pieced that together, because next came a lesson in omnipotence.

So I was basically going about my master plan, doing all of the leg work and things had a great start. And then it was time to take things to the next stage, but out of nowhere I caught a cold. And it was a bad one. I was retired to bed for this week. And as Im laying there, trying to make progress on my plan… It hit me again… Im laying here, trying to further my agenda, but the only tools at my disposal are occult and the internet, with no ability to affect world physically. Again much like spirits cant (at least the way we can). Thats why they go on and on about how big of an advantage we have, for being here and not in the astral. Because you can get more shit done, if you can actually go out there and do it. This was yesterday. As soon as I realized that, I fired up Raphaels sigil and today, Im almost a 100% already. Almost like the sickness was a way to teach me something.

So what Im taking away from this, is that both worlds have their own privileges, but being a physical being is obviously more advantageous, also that our worlds are intimately intertwined and we dont much differ from spirits. Which means, both of our worlds need to work in unison, to achieve ascension. I wonder if there is a lesson waiting for me about omnipresence lol… Anyway, just wanted to share this, because my mind is kinda blown right now honestly.


Interesting lessons…and its nice to see you around again sorin :slight_smile: i think you were one of the first persons i intéracted with when i joined the forums. What experiences have you had with sitri lately? i remember you had done a working with lotir to gét this girl who was blowing ĝuys off left and right. Your first evocation if i recall. Still with her?


Hey Verdo, yeah I remember. You were trying to deal with an asshole roommate right? I assume you solved that problem. Im working with Sitri to lower emotional barriers between me and another person. It is said, that Sitri is good at making people show themselves naked to you, which doesnt have to be literal in every case. And about my first evocation, Im no longer with that girl. Although the relationship was necessary for both of us to become stronger people, now, we both have no further gain out of it, so I decided to end it. Anyway, it was nice catching up with you, hope things are going well in your journey.

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yup, i managed to get out of that situation…although now ive got a whole new situation to deal with lol. . Im happy to hear you at least ended it on your own terms. I’ve been looking into working with sitri myself actually…but its quite ambitious to say the least

Well life is a series of situations you gotta deal with. Best of luck in your current working, although ambition is a catalyst for results so doubt youll need it.