Sharing my monthly magickal planning journey

I’ll be sharing my plans month by month and how I plan it considering the energies of the moon and the planets. Including Intention sigils and important meditation.
I usually plan a month or two before hand and set the sigils and reminders on my schedule to fire them. This gives me time to forget about what the sigils mean, and minimise lust for results and holding the energy. Also a good way to clear up my time for meditation during important events.
I’ll be breaking down what the energies support through out the month. The sigils I’ll share would be only the ones that’s safe for everyone to use, so anyone who wanna participate can benefit from this.
The sigils can be use multiple times depending on the appropriate corresponding requirements.
This could give you an idea of making your own intentions, so feel free to share them with me if you want.

The time can differ depending on your timezone, so if you plan to join make sure to check the right day and time for you, please!

To calculate the date and time I am using these apps!

You can find other apps or websites like these:

The only thing you will have to calculate is the planetary hours for the best time. The zodiacs correspond to a planet so you use the planet hours of that day for maximum results. You have 4 windows on the same day so you can choose when to cast depending on your free time.

Here is my notes that I’ll be repeating and following:

Moon notes:

Moon + waxing to full: brings things in : gain
Moon - waining to new: push things out : banish


Aries: Beginnings, taking action, war, more energy, protection! The head
Leo: fun, romance, children, popularity, attention, drama! Heart
Sagittarius: higher learning, religion, seeking truth, questions, long distance travel! Upper leg and Thighs, eyes


Capricorn: career, building strong foundation, recognition, authority, honors, status, business! Knees Bones
Taurus: values, money, luxury, art, pleasure, family! Ears nose throat mouth tongue
Virgo: work and service to others, general health, small animals and pets, analysis, handling criticism! Stomach intestines the digestive system


Libra: Marriage and relationships, open enemies, legal matters/court! Kidneys
Aquarius: groups, friends, corporations, creativity, inventions, intellect! Lower legs, circulation, chins
Gemini: communication, transportation, commerce, technology! Lungs shoulders arms hands


Cancer: home, security, mother, motherhood, fertility! Chest breasts
Scorpio: sex, transformation, self help, secrets, occult, magick! The genitals
Pisces: isolation, emotional work, music, the astral, psychic/divination, subconscious, addictions/habits! Feet

Planetary notes:

Saturday: Saturn: Capricorn: authority, banish, binding, boundaries, contracts, decrease, fear, hidden, law and order, limitations, obligations, repel, responsibility, restrictions, restraint, status, structure, time work and effort.

Sunday: Sun: Leo: attitude, confidence, consciousness, creativity, ego, exorcism, fame, goals, healing, illumination, individuality, inflammation, inspiration, leadership, personal power, purification, righteousness, sense of self, success.

Monday: Moon: Cancer: astral, confusion, deception, divination, dreams, emotions, feeling, fertility, habits, home, illusion, influence, lunacy, motherhood, psychic, reflection, safety, security, subconscious.

Tuesday: Mars: Aries and Scorpio: accidents, action, anger, attack, competition, conquest, courage, destruction, energy, lust, masculinity, motivation, movement, passion, penetrate, sex drive, violence, warfare, willpower.

Wednesday: Mercury: Virgo and Gemini: communication, business, commerce, expression, gossip, information, intellect, knowledge, logic and reason, memory, mental clarity, speech, strategy, swiftness, thought, travel, trickery, wit, writing.

Thursday: Jupiter: Sagittarius: abundance, belief, compassion, defense, excess, expansion, faith, fortune, generosity, growth, increase, luck, magnanimous, opportunity, popularity, protection, self improvement, wealth, wisdom.

Friday: Venus: Taurus and Libra: attraction, art, beauty, femininity, friendship, glamour, lavish, love, money, nature, pleasure, relationships, romance, seduction, sensuality, social, values, vanity, women.

Any solar and lunar eclipse should be used for releasing even if the moon waxing to full.

I’ll be posting December plans.
Feel free to share your thoughts or something you want me to plan or focus on.


This is very interesting. Looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing.


December plans


Neptune is going direct on 1 Dec, so imagination and creativity can be worked with fine.

Venus retrograding on 19 Dec until 29 Jan.
I’ll be avoiding anything that has to do with venus during this period. ( Venus hours, Fridays, Taurus and Libra) idk how to deal with it so I choose to avoid it!

Uranus is still retrograding for Dec so change, freedom, and spontaneity still restricted.

Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are far planets so their effects aren’t noticeable unless it’s on a major scale.

The Sun is highlighting Sagittarius and Capricorn this month. Its a good month for education, knowledge and career.
Sagittarius: higher learning, religion, seeking truth, questions, long distance travel! Upper leg and Thighs, eyes
Capricorn: career, building strong foundation, recognition, authority, honors, status, business! Knees Bones

Moon cycle:

Void of Course:

Pushing things out:
1 to 3 Dec: waning in Libra, Scorpio
4 Dec: new moon in Sagittarius, and the sun in Sagittarius with total solar eclipse!

The moon in Libra on Wednesday, which is Mercury’s day could be used to clear up communication in a relationship!

1 Dec Venus hours Intention: "it is my will that any misunderstanding in my relationships are cleared without harm"

The moon in Scorpio on Thursday, Jupiter’s day can be used to aid transformation and Friday, Venus day can be used to aid romantic attractions.

New moon on Saturday, Saturn’s day is a powerful banishing day! It could be used to banish parasites as well, especially during the solar eclipse!

Meditation session during the eclipse to release negative energy

Sagittarius: higher learning, religion, seeking truth, questions, long distance travel! Upper leg and Thighs, eyes.
This can be used to lose weight, shorten travel time, clearing religious trappings!

4 Dec Jupiter hours Intention: "It is my will to release the excess fat from my thighs without harm"

Pulling things in:
5 to 18 Dec: waxing in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini
19 Dec: full moon in Gemini

Sagittarius on Sunday can be used to heal and strengthen the eyesight. Also if you have exams, this is the day to cast any success towards education!

5 Dec Jupiter hours Intention: "I have a healthy and pain-free body"

Capricorn on Monday can be used to secure your career and reflect an illusion of authority on to others! As well as on Tuesday since its Mars day and could give off more energy.

Aquarius on Wednesday can be used to bring about communication between others. So if you need to reason with your boss or get your point across to your group or friends, this is the day to cast this intention! On Thursday you can be the popular person in your circle.

Pisces on Friday can be used to enhance you receptivity and emotions. On Saturday can bring about isolation (not sure why you wanna isolate yourself but it’s worth mentioning if you want to isolate someone)

Aries on Sunday is a great day for beginnings!

Meditation for new ventures

Monday can be used for pregnancy! And putting ideas to the subconscious.
Sunday and Tuesday both can be used for more energy, actions and protection.

12, 14 Dec Mars hours Intention: "I am powerfully protected at all times"

Taurus on Wednesday and Tuesday can be about money and business!

15, 16 Dec Venus hours Intention: " it is my will that money comes my way in both expected and unexpected ways without harm"

Gemini on Friday and Saturday (no ideas)

Full moon in Gemini on Sunday can bring success and healing: communication, transportation, commerce, technology! Lungs shoulders arms hands.

Full moon Meditation and water charging for healing lungs,shoulders, arms and hands

19 Dec Mercury hours Intention: "I have a healthy and pain-free body"

Pushing things out:
20 to 31 Dec: waning in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Since venus in retrograde here I’ll ignore Libra and Taurus! And any other common aspects in the other signs related to Venus! And avoid Friday: attraction, art, beauty, femininity, friendship, glamour, lavish, love, money, nature, pleasure, relationships, romance, seduction, sensuality, social, values, vanity, women.

Cancer on Monday for home security! Same for Tuesday!

Leo on Wednesday and Thursday: fun, popularity, attention.

Virgo on Saturday can banish any issues regarding animals, Stomach intestines and the digestive system! and Sunday for health improvement!

26 Dec Mercury hours Intention: "I have a healthy and pain-free body"

Scorpio on Wednesday anything that deals with magick and the occult! Keep in mind the moon is waining! and Thursday can break the limitations to bring about transformation!

29 Dec Mars hours Intention: “it is my will that obstacles to my magick are banished without harm”

:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I hope this is clear enough :pray:

I believe this is it for December!
3 important meditation sessions for me. Of course I get time to Meditate here and there, but those days I can’t miss the energies!
The sigils that are repeated can be fired once ofc or choose to follow my schedule and squeeze them when it’s appropriate! It’s a choice not a must!


The Sun just entered Sagittarius :rofl: I just remembered that I didn’t share the morning Affirmation I listen to!

From 22 November to 21 December, Sun in Sagittarius morning Affirmation

From 22 December to 19 January 2022, Sun in Capricorn morning Affirmation


I should have explained how I choose the hours for each zodiac earlier :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:
Each zodiac is ruled by a planet and they share common energies. The ruling planet hours amplify the zodiac energy. However, sometimes the intention can be used in another hours to avoid some restrictions, or because other planet specialised in the subject better.

Saturn rules Capricorn
Uranus rules Aquarius. Can use Saturn hours as the secondary ruler, however, Mercury can also be used if there is issues with Saturn’s restrictions.
The Sun rules Leo
The Moon rules Cancer
Mars rules Aries and Scorpio
Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini
Jupiter rules Sagittarius
Neptune rules Pisces. Can use Jupiter hours as the secondary ruler, however, the moon shares some subjects with Pisces, and Mercury can be used as well.
Venus rules Taurus and Libra

Mercury can be a failsafe for whenever you aren’t sure where the intention falls. You can’t go wrong with Mercury because it’s the magician!
The moon “unconscious” or the sun “conscious” can be used if you know what part of you the intention is affecting.


Ditto @MiKu

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