Sharing my experiences

As I told u guys in my introduction… I am in doubt state. However, when I was kid I do meditation
daily. Idk good or bad. One Night… the stray dogs
in my street bark none stop. Some howl.
In this time, meditation can’t stop my fear.
In this time, my prayers can’t stop my fear.
So, I asked for protection. Not from demons or angeles. From Sage(more like grand master magician in my opinion ) Boe Boe Aung.
Some of u might know him. Some wouldn’t.
He is one of the Legendry magician in my country’s(Myanmar) Mythology. I asked his protection, help.
Not too long after that (may be 5 or 10 sec)
those dogs stop barking and silent like never happened. It was happened when i was 12 or13 years old. However, I didn’t talk anyone abt it ,yet.
Now, I am digging abt magic stuff. I kinda remember him. If any of u guys know abt him, plz feel free to share.

I totally understand you. I deeply envy those countries that have cool spiritual traditions that make them not be in need of importing paradigms and entities from outside, as the spirituality of the natives of my country is so lame that even those who support them prefer to be Christians or atheists.