Sharing junk

Just sharing some stuff. I found a tarot deck at work, been using it fairly accurate. Here’s a couple cards anyone seen it before?

Also, I have had some weird thoughts that I have to make this mask to rest as a means of communication for the spirits and the kings.

Originally the mask was different, but the clay told me otherwise.


One more I’ve been compelled to create an altar on the 30th, supposedly full moon.


The right card I am certain is a 10 of Pentacles, but the left I am not certain. 4 of Coins perhaps? Also, no idea about which deck that is. Very cool mask, too.

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The title of this thread sounds like the name of a porno.


Here’s all the info: Moon Phases 2023 – Lunar Calendar :+1:

00:58 UTC, so the actual moment is on Sunday evening for America, wee small hours Monday for the UK and all points east.

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Now I’m wondering what a porno of this title would be about? :thinking:

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I just wanted to show off my junk lol

gang bang.

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Nice mask!

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Yeah that is nice, “feels” alive.

Do you wear it?

In truth I am taking a leap of faith with a deamon and he informed me that once the mask is finished and sealed it would provide perspective or assistance.

This also coincides with the altar on the full moon.

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It’s a beautiful thing, and feels very powerful. :+1:

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I hope so, the deamon that told me makes me weary, but I confirmed he is who he says. Did many banishing just in case.

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Here’s more of my junk, xxx


It’s just glue don’t be weird.

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Ritual was a success! I am not like most magicians of maintaining absolute secrecy of my craft. My home feels heavily charged. Unfortunately the deamons believed my mask as a sacrificial offering. Here it is now,

Secrets to behold another day I suppose.