Share your Latin Incantations

Recently been looking into Latin as a language of power, it’s proven to be very effective for some reason

Would anyone care to share their Latin incantations(spells, exorcisms, words of power etc.)

Would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Im useing my own latin chant to Belial. I can share it with you and you can modern it for your own. But this chant is inviteing spirit not to your body but to your room, house and your space also into circle. I like to say titles of belial and what he is known from. Also in this chant im useing drop of blood and puting on the sigil as inviting i found that is better.

In nomine virtutis tenebrarum in nomine ignis gehennae rituale in honorem tuum coepi Belial gloria tibi belial.
This im saying 9 times.

(After this part i like to say enn of belial and chant 27 times i dont know i just like to use it 9 9 9 cuz 999 in reverse is 666 and then itz ra cha also 27 times.)

Belial potentissimus sapientissimus altissimum rex inferorum et dominus daemonum

Belial pulcherrimus potentissimus custos portarum inferni

Belial rex sapientissimus potentissimus maxime mirabilis rex et rector terrae

Belial rex potentissimus pulcherima perfectimuss rex et dominus noctis

Belial magni stygii concilii socius in inferno
Belial dominus legis, belial dominus chaos
Belial dominus dominationis

Belial vos qui estis symbolum liberatis
Belial es symbolum potestatis
Belial tu qui repraesentas ignis gehennae

Belial pater fierna
Belial dominus populi heros populi

Belial rex qui habitat in abrimoch

Belial ego te invitare
Belial hic saguis meus - here its my blood what i giveing as inviteing

Belial accipe sanguinem meum quasi per invitationem
Belial ego te invitare ad domum meam
Ego te invitare ad cubiculum meum
Ego te invitare ad spatium meum belial
Belial ego te invitem quia volo loqui ad vos et vellem terrere tecum hodie

Saluto te immortalis rex belial gloria tibi
Ave belial x 9

For me it works i hope you will make good use of it like i said you can modern it if you want to.
Btw if you will modern it can you share it with it please? I would be interested
I think its good to say it 9 times but three times is also ok.


Excellent latin! With a Translation software is not really possible to work :man_shrugging:

Excellent Work!!!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Nice, could this be used for any of the goetia or is this specific to Belial? I need to work with him, but i also would love a new way to work with the goetia in general.

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You can use it for any goetic spirit but change name and maybe some titles and plece of liveing if you want to use it to contact and invite other spirit

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At the age of 11-12 upon watching the movie version of Marlowe’s Faust, with Richard Burton, I was intrigued by the summoning incantation in Latin. A few times I used to close myself in a bedroom and call a demon (maybe I omitted some lines) then, indeed, I felt the air becoming heavy.
Of course the one saying “Sint mihi Dei Acherontis propitii; valeat numen triples Jehovoe; ignei, aerii, aquatani spiritus, salvete; Orientis princeps Beelzebub, inferni ardentis monarcha et Demogorgon, propitiamus vos, ut appareat et surgat (N.)”
In a book by Francis de Saint-Ferreol about evocations there were also some Latin incantations, for example “Exorciso te (object) per demiurgum, per ignem, aquam terram etc. ut puritas sit in te. Consecro te (magician’s name) ad magiam…”


Looks nice i have translated it now

“May the gods of Acheron propitiate me; let the deity be worth three times Yahweh; fire, air, water spirit, hail; Beelzebub, prince of the east, monarch of burning hell and the Demogorgon, let us beg you that he may appear and arise”

I would change some words for my use thanks for that :+1:


Love the aesthetics of it.

I personally think every practitioner should have at least a few scrolls and/or parchments.

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google: vk jehannum