Share information on how to visualize when casting spells

So, there is so much out there on recipes, how to’s, herbs, routes and tools.
YET, we all know that the magick happens in the BRAIN, the sub-conscious, the heart, emotions, the soul.
All that that others cannot see.

Just like Einstein, I love to use people like him as an example, not because we use the same tools he did, the language of math we become him.
Not because we learn the tools of an amazing movie director we do his art.

They have a whole world in their own MIND, and that’s what separates people.

In Magick the same thing goes in my opinion, hence why so many spells or law of attraction don’t work for the majority of people.
The things we use are “tools”… but what goes in the mind, in the self is what moves the energy.

Little is there about the most important part! of casting spells.
This guy I found on Youtube said
“There is NO magick, without meditation” and I agree.

Now, all those of you who have experience and have been successful in spell casting and have also had not been when you started, please share your views on:

– What made the difference from when you were a novice to becoming experienced and seeing results manifest in the real world.
– What goes through your mind when you are casting spells
– What are your techniques
—What are your techniques of FORGETTING, so much is said about belief and forget
what are your techniques.

I think this thread can become extremely helpful for all of us.

I will start:
I have successfully attracted specific people in my life, difficult situations.
-For example, I once visualized a woman who works at a company to sell my paintings.
she showed up 2 weeks over instagram asking me to sign a contract.
When I visualized it, I did not put a face, just belief that there is a company out there big enough that would love my paintings, then I felt the presence of a woman. It came to happen.

  • I have visualized two of my exe’s including the race and some specific situations on personality.
    These usually happen about 1-3 months when doing it.

Now that I am casting spells with candles and things somehow it has become more difficult, yet I feel conquering this will add more power and direction to what I want.
As it is easy for me to visualize people I have not met, but not controlling or changing people I know.

When I visualize is so difficult to explain.
My eyes naturally gaze for a few seconds and the whole experience doesn’t take but seconds.
It’s as if a movie plays as a whole in seconds, I don’t see clarity of things, it’s more of a “sensation” of how I feel in that other world I am attracting.
I believe is accessing the Ether… or a part in us that’s not logical, it does not feel like daydreaming either, we daydream a lot, vividly and does not mean it becomes other wise all our horrible vivid images would happen all the time.
This is more of a dreamy, sort of like a dreamy sensation that lasts seconds.

What’s your technique and experience? specifically when casting spells


I believe the only times I have had results is when I just visualized and pushed my feelings into the outcome. I’ve tried using candles, oils, and herbs but really for me it is just too distracting.

As far as not thinking about results, that is a hard one. I don’t lust after results but I can’t help but think about different things to help move it along. What can I do? What other angle can I take to approach the situation?

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I have found that one way is to do spells for many things so they all get forgotten, for example I did reverse the situation ammonia jars and I did like 10 of them one day, right now I really don’t recall what I asked but some have come to pass.
For things we really want I know it’s difficult, I think that you can think about it, just not worry about it, the thing is to believe it as if it’s true. Like when you know your friend says she’s going to call you on a particular day, you don’t worry about what minute or hour, you can think about it as you know for a fact she will call you but you don’t really think of it. Approach it in a similar way.
something that already will happen and you no longer care about the “time”.
But hey! I’m still working on this.
The things with law of attraction that have worked for me are things that I sort of went like
hey, let me play around and see… and totally forgot about it until it happen.
The candles though, I noticed there really is something magical about fire and candles.
Recently I did some to “ground” me and it worked.
I would use them if they are too distracting for you for other things like
for yourself, like “I can focus” or “I will have the information” or things like that…

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Usually I verbally direct my will in a ritual, instead of pure visualization. Directing your will through various means is fairly easy to do, but it’s a matter of practice and ingenuity to do it well.


interesting, how is this done? do you have some resources or videos or more info, is it just using power, reiki energy? or just focusing

I should at least add a candle, maybe that’s the answer to my works “staying power”. I’ve found that a lot actually does come to fruition but then for whatever reason just fizzles away and I’m back to doing it all over again. Or it could just be that my rituals aren’t strong enough yet.

It’s basically just focusing… You feel your words carry the power of your intent. It’s basically like visualization, but instead if imagining the result and feeding energy into the manifestation that way, you charge your words with your whole being as you say them.

As far as this, it’s because you have to manifest results as if they always were manifest and will never stop being manifest.


So change my way of thinking to this is what it is and will always be until I decide otherwise.


Basically. There’s a bit more to it depending on your delivery method, but with the spoken word/incanted method, you basically state it in that way.


– What made the difference from when you were a novice to becoming experienced and seeing results manifest in the real world.

Being realistic in my ritual work. Not casting to be a billionaire or movie star but basic knowledge and prescience. This is when i started to recieve spirit signs and visions that my basic requests had been acceded too.

– What goes through your mind when you are casting spells.

Total focus and intention on my realistic and practical goals. From my own spell that i have crested not someone else’s work.

– What are your techniques

There are many different levels i have learned that you should create your own rituals and spells, castings, requests and start with basic magical techniques, once you learn and advance you can then proceed to a higher level of magic and take different directions. I started with simple rhyming spells that i created and than turned them into longer and more powerful incantations.

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When I started visualizing my energy field as a torus, learning the energetics of toroidal/spherical structuration, and imagining my point of focus as a torus, it propelled me boundlessly to states of power that I never could of thought possible.

The way my point of intent implodes it’s mass whilst expanding it’s aura/matrix/field of information is a way toward constellating associations in my reality and synchronizing symbols, myth, and metaphor that has brought to me highly coherent orchestrations of synchroharmonious meaning, aetheric comprehension and ritual relevance whilst maintaining gravity.

Your center of gravity is what compels attraction of whatever your core intent at the center of that gravity implies. Experiencing emotional intensity or meaningful perception is what feeds that gravity, and substantiates your sense of purpose.


wonderful! what information, books or studies did you have, any recommendations?
I really love to be able to master similar sensations.

Dan Winter is a master at condensing and relaying information structures. I learned about the importance of the torus from his YouTube lectures. He is a great teacher. He explains attracting charge through grace.

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just found his channel, thank you! I will listen to his videos they all look very interesting

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Found this great interview where he talks about bliss, meditation and more for those interested