So if I was to use Oriax or Ose to shapeshifit into a real woman does that mean that I would have a uterus?And does it hurt to shapeshift?

There is afaik no simple method to physically change your body from one sex to another, and if there was, it would have become well known by now.

Magick is not easy and if the same things worked for everyone, it would never have become so easy to suppress.

You will need to develop discrimination and the ability to contextualise things to be truly successful in magick, this may help - she’s lecturing a bit, but her core information is sound:

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Affirmative, i say that would be so change into woman get the work as long as you don’t choose a ugly one or ones that looking like a man or a revolting female or retarded woman, pick ones that looking like Tailor Swift.:sunglasses: