Shapeshifting Group


I performed the aura morphing exercise about 3-4 times (in quick succession). Can I move on to DNA morphing now?


I’ve noticed some unexplainable scratches. Do you know what this could be @C.Kendall?


Yeah you can


Weird you mention it while working through all of this I woul have cuts, bruises and scratches out of no where


@Aluriel you’re doing great brother


@C.Kendall something major just happened. I was doing a vengeance rite and I was in the presence of Morrigan and under her instructions I used the moon meditation but instead of seeing my aura transform I instead visualized my physical body transforming and my physical vision turned red and I heard (with my spiritual ears) my wolf form growl and snarl. Immediately I saw my pack (there were so many) running in circles as if they we’re about to go on a rampage with snarls of blood dripping from their jaws as I summoned them into my room. I think I hit a major turning stone. they we’re running around me specifically.


Great stuff brother, so who has done all the exercises so far.


@C.Kendall Will have very soon.


@C.Kendall Done.


I have but I’m having trouble with the last one.

I’ve also just had a synchronicity on YouTube


Thank you ! SO far I’ve been drawing a lot of attention today more than usual, my singing is better. I can sing now and program the intent to gain someone attention, it’s not fool proof but it works most of the time. Even if I hum alone.

Also my ritual room also my bed room physical got colder after the ritual and remained that way almost all day.

My friend commented on it being so strange because she remembered it always being warm, but it doesn’t feel so cold to me


I have done all of them :slight_smile: did them this morning


Alright great Aluriel.

Keep it up i’ll post soon the next stage


I’m totally in! :slight_smile: I was already moving towards that direction ever since I read the book life and teachings of the masters of the far east. Great book - it could be a universal “”“bible”"" (or whatever you prefer to call it) it sums up all cosmic things -it has a storyline- it’s a practical workbook- it also explains the science of reality and of us in it as living gods.
and examples of what can be done with it in given situations. The book is about self-realized people that show how things are done- how they do it- and how to do it for yourself in great outlines -but it’s fantastic at pointing out your potential as a truly being a god within the god-mind. (levitation/teleportation to other places in 3D and higher in vibration taking one’s whole body to these places/shapeshifting/creation of objectsfrom enery to matter, physical immortality, walking on water-telepathy, turning water into ice/mastery of molecules in general-it’s all there)

It did pop up my perspective and my framework on what to ask and how in ceremonial magick as well.
It gives understanding of the cosmos and what everything comes down to- all science-psychology-spirituality-
based on direct experience - pure gnosis- and is therefore 100 percent combinable with the become a living god project.

It thus also helps you understand you fully.

It also helps place absolutely any/all esoteric knowledge/information anything in a logical orderly perspective.
It’s a true manual for Cosmic understanding in a most self-empowering way. :wink:

Life and teachings of the masters of the far east (book or also available in book series) is by Baird T. Spalding- a guy that together with his crew went to meet these high degree self-realized masters. :wink:


Alright guys who’s ready for the next step, @TheStorm @Aluriel @Aiden_Crow @arianna


Sure I’ll go for it. I’ll keep repeating the steps btw. Also how can I make this form more powerful?


First tell me what form you’ve been working on.




So a Lycan or a wolf


Yes, essentially.