Question. How important are certain shapes within the realm of magick? The most common shape I see is a circle, but as I was reading through the lesser keys of Solomon last night, I came across the Circle of Solomon. In it, in addition to the circle itself, there were also triangles. Do triangles have any particular significance? What about squares? Or any other shape really? Im kinda looking into making my OWN circle and I just want as much info as possible. I tried using the search box but I kept seeing posts about shapeshifting which ain’t what I’m looking for lol thank you!

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oh yes! Triangles, squares, cubes all have various magickal traditions surrounding them. Shapes lay in our subconscious mind as building blocks to which we percieve our reality and give borders to what we what thought was boundless and unruly. Technically you dont need a circle around a sigil, but the act and symbol of the circle puts a ring of completion and intent around it. A seriousness. Triangles act as both representations of masculine and feminine, squares are holy in the sense of being natural and unnatural. I can dwell more if you like, but in the best way possible look towards Masonic temples and ritualistic art. Dissect some esoteric artwork and you’ll see alot of base shapes come through, not just aesthetically but in narrative towards the mystery behind them. :triangular_ruler: :mag: