Shape shifting

What are the levels of shape shifting? You know like the extant of it. Can you literally turn into something else? How big can you get yourself if it is a full body change? Could you fly if you choose to? Is it just animals or could it be objects as well?

Also on the astral, could I choose the form I want to be seen as or am i stuck looking like my shitty human form?
Also, also which are the hard core deities to learn shapeshifting from?

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Is there one? That’s embarrassing sorry about that😅

Do you have any insight on this topic DarkestKnight?

Sorry, I don’t. It’s not something I am overly interested in so my knowledge on the topic is minimal.

astral shapeshifting is whatever your imagination can come up with as it’s the collective unconscious.

physical shapeshifting in my opinion is a touchy subject as there’s no proof of it but there are various people practicing it but you wont turn into any objects and such.

in spiritual projection shapeshifting is often limited to what you put the work in learning to shapeshift into with various limitations.

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I think @C.Kendall can help you with that

Ive had my astral self shift to other forms which also has shifted my mind to that form. Its not really something I have a ton of control over though.

Physical shapeshifting is totally possible but you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it. If the answer is “would you shapeshift if you could?” then I can almost guarantee the answer is that you’ll have a bitch of a time learning it. You’re almost certainly going to need a strong necessitating reason plus natural talent in order to accomplish the type of shapeshifting you’re probably imagining, the whole insta-shift into an animal type of stuff. Otherwise you can focus on moulding your body into shifting your desired body type over the years.

I don’t think it is possible if your body is too dense. Though if you can get your body to be in an in-between state, you could possibly shapeshift.

Shape-shifting and my experiments on it led me to conclusion that it would take a life time, if not close to a lifetime to achieve. I had remarkable moments in shape-shifting with temporal alterations in skin texture, hair colour, eye colour, even at one point my muscles contracted and seemed to grow double its size leading to my shirt ripping. Yet it was a nauseating, disorientating and painful process, its most definitely possible within reason of course.

There are many things I did and experimented with, from dabbling and experimenting with biokinesis, I even implanted radionics. I also implemented astral shape-shifting which then has a subtle domino effect on the physical self too. I utilised ritual magick, internal engineering through meditation, invocation and energy work.

The physical body needs to be VERY disciplined, so I used yogic asanas to do so. I dived into all different types of areas and achieved great energetic and spiritual success with subtle yet achieved physical success. After a while I realised I wasn’t going to dedicate my entire life, every hour of the damn day dedicated to such a task.

This would be something that would require every shed of your attention to at least in my experiments and analysis of it anyway. You’ve gotta really ask yourself are you willing to spend your entire life, with experimentation, reading, dramatic psychological, physical and spiritual intense alterations and discipline.

Forsaken the majority of your life to ask a task you may succeed in, during your lifetime. Just think about it my friend, I am not trying to discourage you or sway you from pursuing by all means do what you wish.
If you wanted to do a consultation I could give you all my knowledge I accumulated on the subject to save you sometime.

Just be realistic and really think first, perhaps your life and time is far too valuable, which personally I think is.
Yet who am I to say so, or even judge in any case I hope I shredded a little light on the subject. Just be realistic magick isn’t magic in movies, fiction and popular media.


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Nah I was thinking more in the sence of the Navajo, Yee naaldlooshii (Skinwalker). I have taken an interest in cryptids over the years. My family and I have also had some stuff happen to us that gives me confidence that there are things running around our planet that people won’t acknowledge.

I may not have a death wish but I really don’t care what happens to me or my body. My life has happened in such a way that it will allow me to do this without looking back on it with regret.
I will not be able to be a dad, no woman would ever be with me, I don’t have much family to think fondly of and I frankly don’t care about living a shitty exsistance in my “should have aborted my ass a long ago” having body. This is truly a fool’s errand and I’m the fool up to that plate. If I’m gonna have to live another 50+ years on this space rock, it’s gonna be under my own terms. I don’t have regular human obstacles in my way and I need something entertaining to look forward to.
I would like to not be scared anymore.

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