Shameless manipulation

Is there a way to do this without props or fetish items i believe it similar but not identical to the “blind evocation” that i am experimenting with or the philosopher stone ritual in e.a’s book

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Psychology. It’s easy af.

Idk. It is verbal (etc) manipulation but it can be as easy as taking on your godform, (stepping into your godhood) and forcing your will and thoughts into the other person’s mind. Focus on how you want them to feel or see them DOING what itis you want them to do (what they WILL DO) and when you have materialized it energetically push it into their mind and body and breathe out and solidify it in the physical. What you create on the astrals becomes in the physical. So you basically create it inn yourself (but do not bring it into you) and push it into them. You do have this thing called free will though so you will probably have to do a working on their will is now your will… etc. THEN push your picture of them doing what your will is (programming their mind with your will) and manifest or solidify it in their body…

That would be how I went about it anyway. It all depends upon the strength and will of the master upon and over the strength and will of the victim - I mean individual!!! hehehehe! .

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