Shamanism/Core Shamanism

I know several posts exist on the topic, and not only do I have several of those tabs open but another woindow as well with core shamanism studies.

Im trying to make sense of it all, and it takes me a while to digest anything unless it is very very simple, and then I will probably forget.

I sense in more mainstream terms it relates to trancework, dreamwork, astral travel, healing, rootworking, etc. But then again it deserves its own terms, methods and technique, and thats what Im looking after today along with alchemy, astrology and tarot as well.

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@Lady_Eva would know more about it.

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I’m going to follow this.


I got a Core-shamanism tutorial, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to send it to you, best to wait on @Lady_Eva

She did write a lot of posts on the topic and has tried to help my hardheaded self a bit now.

Ive known and encountered at least a handful of people I recall easily. One or two may have passed on.
As my grandfather was an archaeologist primarily in the middle and near east, I sought to be like him, but the avenues open were boring, americas, east, near east cultural anthro; and history.

However, it seems that had I engaged the americas cultural anthro, I wouldve learned about shamanism, but I did come acorss an essay or two in a anthropology of religion course at my second university. A few topics were the same, use of roots, medicine, retrieval of souls, etc. But none described how they do so.

Unfortunately I wrote the joke broke as a joke, and cannot take courses or buy books right now. What I have been doing is paying attention to nature, remembering my ancestors, and calling out to spirits for hearing and sight and them to teach me.

I can do basic visualization for five seconds, draw the LBRP in my mind, and recall it around me when needed, I have not done astral travel and generally dont recall my dreams. I am in need of making something out of nothing and caring for my community and self.

So, here we are.

Thank you for reminding me, she did send something similar to me.

That’s because you smoke the green, weed destroys Choline which what you need for dreaming, or at least remembering your dreams.

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My bad, she did send me a few notes on it.

And I have open several articles she and others wrote on the topic.

So. its my bad for not reading what has been given to me first, which also reminds me of 220% effort before goetia.

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Oh, and thank you Orobas, and other spirits as well a lesson they taught me just now, RTFM before calling tech support.