Shamanic travelling


I´m a bit puzzled about this term. Does this differ from soul travel ? Is it just a sound/etc. induced vision or how does such a thing look ? I remembered I got a wide siberian looking drum that I haven´t used yet so I ask you guys if it could be of any benefit. There are classes of shaman travel in my country , but expensive and far away so I would prefer to study at home. Thanks for any advice


Shaman journeys can mean a bunch of different things. Some of them are forms of soul travel, the ones I got taken on were just heigtened states of awareness where I expereinced alot of crazy shit.


Hello Hrajnoha,
shamanic travelling for me is not only a vision. I can say that it has some similarities with the soul travel though…
For me it often started with a visionary experience and then I was pulled into it somehow and the journey begun!
It is a bit difficult to explain to you how it looked though… But it was something amazing!
Defectron is right, it can also be a heightened state of awareness or this state can be just the beginning for some thrilling experiences!
The sound of shamanic drums definitely helps, at least it helps me :stuck_out_tongue:
I read in one of your posts that you are from Slovakia. Even though an original shamanic experience is interwoven with the landscapes of South America, the Slovak and Czech countryside scenery was my inspiration many times, so take advantage of it!