Shamanic practice and Hoodoo Papa Legba

I’m doing more work in non European western practices such as shamanism and Hoodoo because they are more natural and rooted in history so far have worked with the rainbow serpent wagyl and quetzecotal now interested in working with papa legba of voodoo practice as he is a deity that can open you up to the other world (shaman term for the Astral realms) and let you speak with the dead and other spirits which is a big part of shaman practice… I now call myself either a shaman or witch doctor instead of just a black magician… long story short experiences with this ancient African spirit would be great thanks…


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if anyone is interest these are the spirit gods I am going to focus working with…

Papa Legba
Green Man (the only still European deity I am working with atm…)

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if you are curious about these choices they are just the spirits I am being pulled by energy towards…

You have to earn the title of witch doctor. You’ve been on this path for what, days? And you already call yourself a witch doctor? I’m not trying to cut you down. It’s cool that you found a new path. But remember that initiations and titles aren’t free. And be careful with the Lwa, even Legba.