Shamanic path

Hi there, I’m Tiger and I’m a recovering sex and love addict - wait fuck, wrong site, hold up, let me start again.

I’m Tiger and my journey through magic is mainly to learn how to accept myself, love myself and work on self improvement. In a nutshell, I’ve been through a lot of abuse, it was only 16 months ago my mother tried repeatedly stabbing me with a large, sharp knife because I wouldn’t let her eat raw chicken of the BBQ… yeah, thats nothing to what I could go into to!

So realistically, I’m looking into the Shamanic path or anything else that provides recovery and rehabilitation of ones soul to lead to self love instead of self sabotage.

any tips?


You could look into working with Odin, Cernunnos, An Dagda etc as they’re considered patrons of druids, shamans, and the likes.

Also @Lady_Eva knows a good deal about the shamanic path.


Maxwell advised me to try and PM her, no idea how to PM ha ha! but appreciate you tagging her here!

I will look into it, got a soft spot for Odin, one of my mains on smite ha ha!



Please PM him

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If you want to be on the side of good, you will be. No external circumstances would then bring you down.

I’m sorry you had to experience that, mothers are supposed to protect their babies, not hurt them. I would die before I ever laid hands or weapons on my kids for any reason. I can’t imagine the emotional trauma that left you.

I hope you find the healing you desire. Take care of yourself.

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Thank you for the kind words, I’m trying, took a great step forward going into 1 to 1 tuition with Wing Chun ha ha!

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erowid site has hundreds of thousands of trip reports for almost every substance possible. So it is a very valuable place to first research any drug you do. Don’t do something stupid like just swallow random pills. Always research first. As for real shamanism, i heard there are still genuine shamans in South America but be careful, a lot of them are scammers probably. Best to stay in America, that way you won’t get kidnapped

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I PM’d you.:+1:

Shamanism is a human hereitage, found in every single human culture, and aspects of shamanic practice are found spontaneously even with children, so there’s no need to make it a “foreign” thing (no matter where you live) nor to injest substances, or hand over your trust to strangers. :thinking:

The core of shamanism is the ability to interact with spirits, either in spiritual realms, or using clairsensory abilities, in this realm. Entheogens have their place but if children can do it, that indicates this is something natural for all of us and doesn’t immediately require chemical help.


There is something to that, where the eating of raw chicken can make the anger go away. I won’t say that it doesn’t have potential downsides, but compared to the unchecked anger it is pretty safe.

Defiantly certain practices have been devalued and maligned in certain cultures though.

Perhaps working with an entity or pantheon of spirits that deal with love, healing, wellbeing and self esteem . Maybe even casting a love ritual on yourself

I think my self esteem won’t let me, or inhibits me, not sure.

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Can i pm you?

Normal. These are very high level energies.

My friend, can’t even connect to my emotions at the moment lol

Like, the only thing that’s stopping me from ending my life is I literally cannot emotionally commit to anything, not even arsed about martial arts which use to be my reason to get up

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I’m sorry to hear this.