Shake your Money Maker

This is a technique i use in many of my rituals but I love, I love to do this for money.

The technique:

Dance with emotion…that’s it! It really is this simple, what I do is put on 21 savage or some type of money magick song and then I go. I visualize and dance into all the emotions I’d feel with the money and the emotions tied with it.

Dancing is a great tool I feel is underutilized, i offer Bune and Clauneck my dance then whip around the new good energy. Even if you dont think this will work it will boost your endorphins from the workout! Dancing is the self-expression and continuous work around with emotions and energy, but at the same time it is goofy spasms to weird rhythms and beats you will be humbled but at the same time you will feel at the top of the world. This isn’t the point the point is the initial reason you started dancing and feeling into the emotions (aka the goal of the ritual) any benefits and EXP you gain during the dance is a mear coincidence and should not be taken to heart.

REMEMBER you are going hard to the paint and acting as if this is the best song you’ve ever heard in your life so act accordingly if you hate money then you’ll probably hate the songs…or will you?

Songs I use/examples:

Big Banks


Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Gold Digger

Started from the Bottom


Thought I’d see just another Money Spell. Found something better.

Use Lust for Life from Iggy Pop next time. Puts me in a good mood everytime


Oh i will! And thanks I appreciate it, yeah spells are a little too boring in their normal setting (aka write this down and do a sigil or shit). Even when i ward up my house i actively dream and visualize and feel into the emotions of protection and war.

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my new fave for this is Kream by Iggy Azalea


Channeling my spirit animal; Cardi B ~ Money

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