Shadows of azathoth

Anyone read it ? Since I’m that vampire guy I read it and I liked it a lot thing is I don’t know what current that is or how to get connected to it any thoughts on the book comment away :kissing_closed_eyes: by Michael ford by the way

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I haven’t read it but if it’s truly related to Azathoth, then it’s vampirism within the Lovecraftian/Necronomicon Current, which is a very chaotic current.

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You want to read it ? I missed you by the way naga

No thank you, I’m a bit swamped as it is.

Aw thank you

Is there any chance that you have it in a digital format or some kind of preview? I am interested to read it. I’ve practiced in the Cthulhu Pantheon current and Entities and I’d like to see his experience s and input in the vampiric aspect of Azathoth and compare it to mine.

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I’ll send you something get back to me with what you find