Shadow work

So when I turn off the light and Gaze at my reflection in the mirror my head disappear and it reappears distorted with shadowing smoke coming out of it then it starts to shake its head Insinuating no

What does the mean I mean I havent ask it any Questions for it to say no

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Well what ya waiting on Lad?
Ask it questions or else you’ll never find the answer!
also what has led up to this occurrence? perhaps i could offer more advice if you provide more detail…

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all I know is the before i started doing shadow work my Impulse were abnormal Like I wasnt giving it enough attention I felt anger I felt sadness and it would get the better of me because I would fall to its control until about a month ago when I realize the when some of Companions are upset I can tell the is not me but them same with this I felt like it was coming from deep down and It felt like it was alive and indeed upset it felt like I was ignoring it and it also felt like it was alone and wanted to be notice I know it sound weird but once I heard about shadow work and the you can merge with it everything started to die down a little more and once i took someone’s advice and did the 6 minutes gazing at mirror he always does what I said above

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hmmm interesting. definitely ask questions and see where you can go with it

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I will thanks

I’ve done this before, but instead I was in a pitch black smokey place (assuming it was my mindscape or an aspect of it) and different forms of my insecurities appeared to me like my physical self lol, all were wearing suit and ties (I love that form of attire) except each tie was a different colour and they surrounded me, from there we discussed some things then after that we became one.


Huh so you just talk to it

I viewed it as talking to aspects of my personality/insecurities and such given temporary form, but yeah pretty much lol.